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Lil' Jack-Septiplier (DDLB)

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I'm kinda into DDLB with septiplier so i thought "why not write about it?" lol anyway... I know septiplier is sorta dead, but i dont think of it romantically. I think of it as just sweet, cute, and fluffy. Just like my cat,
-NO SMUT WHATSOEVER!!! (its disgusting!!!)
-Jack is a Little
-Mark is the Daddy
That's all! God Bless and enjoy! :)
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Jack is a little, no one knows except for his friend Ethan. What happens when Mark starts questioning if he is one? Each chapter is AT LEAST 1000 words long. P.S Im a little so this will be quite easy, and im so excited to be writing this!


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Gabriella is a little, she doesn't have the best living conditions and is also looking for a caregiver. But what happens when she runs into Noëlle and Isabelle Sánchez. This book is about a little girl and her mommy and mama.


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In 3020, supernaturals have taken over the earth. They came out of hiding and made humans into poverty. Every human is placed into a village and if they step out of the village, they get kidnapped. Once there kidnapped, no one can save them. Nova one day steps out the village to see the fireworks in town, will she get kidnapped? Or make it safely home? James and Liam have been married for 98 years and are now looking for a little girl to call their own. What do you think will happen?


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Jack(/Sean) is a little, but what happens when his best friend finds out?... Please note: There will be chapters in this story that contain sexual elements. Any chapters containing sexual themes will have a very clear warning at the beginning, and will not contain anything important for the progression of the story, so that they can be skipped for those of you who don't want to read them. In saying this, I also want to note: all characters depicted in this story are 18+, and are partaking in ddlb/cgl, which is a subset of BDSM, and therefore a kink, and meant only for those ages 18+. Anyone who has an issue with BDSM, kink, or understanding that cgl is a kink, is more than welcome to either ignore the sexual chapters, or find a new story to read. This is not going to be a place for drama.


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Jack and mark have been friends for years. After hanging out on a whim, They both realize their relationship is more than they thought it was. Things evolve, especially their connection.


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Daddy loves to take care of his princess and his princess loves to be taken care of. Everything seems perfect, but it's important to remember: Not everything is as it seems. ********** Alessia and Theo met online, on a dating website for Daddies and Littles. Trying to take their relationship to the next level, Alessia is going to move in with Theo. ********** WARNING: Includes DDLG, ABDL, punishments and a lot of smut.


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Sean is an ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover). He and mark live with each other ever since Jack moved in and moved to America. Sean and mark like each other and went on their first date, which was good but sean is so tired he falls into his headspace without noticing. Hopefully, Mark knows how to deal with a tired Princess sean. WARNING: CONTAINS: ABDL. SOME GAY SHIT! SEX. INNOCENCE. MORE GAY SHIT! AND EVEN MORE GAY SHIT!🌈 Thank you. Don't like? don't read. Simple.


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Sage works for a BDSM adult summer camp around New York. He works as a class pet, an employee meant for students to practice lessons on. He particularly works in the degrading classroom. He's not going to lie- he loves it. There weren't many rules except ones meant to keep him safe, protected, and healthy, and Sage adores the class teacher Mr. Rain. This year, however, there were new people on the block. And they looked a bit rougher than last years' group. One of them is handsome, with dark hair and bright electric blue eyes. He takes an interest in him, and he finds out just who the harshest boy on the block is.