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Light In The Dark (Louis X Styles Triplets)

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Louis Tomlinson. A 16 year old boy that moved schools because of bulling. New struggles and new problems will come his way but faith has some other plans for him as well, he will need to let go of his past and see what the future brings but is it possible to let go of something that keeps coming back?

Self harm
Attempt of suicide
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✨housekeeping✨ ~~ πŸ€ͺstupid things have good outcomes all the time ~~ 😑if im the one mediating we've hit rock bottom ~~ ✌🏼hes straight up like the spanish, just bon voyage ~~ 😧i wasn't taking mental polaroids the whole time, i was under duress ~~ Any and all requests are welcome! <3 ~~ Most impressive rankings: #18 in JJMaybank (2/19/23) #2 in Rudy (2/28/23) #1 in Rudy (3/9/23)


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Rhon Gates is a boy with lower than average skills who lives in a family of prodigies. Neglected and hated by his family, Rhon decides to commit suicide on the 5th year anniversary of his father's departure to Germany by jumping off his dad's former company's building. When he finds himself in a room with three doors- one being locked- he goes through the one that leads him to being reincarnated as a villain in an otome game, Randall Howell. With the original's desire to die and his own unwillingness to live another shitty life, Rhon attempts to die through any way he can; overdose, poison, dangerous plants, jumping from the roof, hanging, stabbing, drowning, you name it. However, he can't die until it's the original's time to die in the game. Defeated, he decides to avoid the hero at all cost. Until he saves the hero from a difficult situation. Who will Randall end up with?


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Louis lives with his four older brothers in London, his parents died when he was 8. Edward and Harry Styles are a couple and very close family friends of the Tomlinson's. Things happen and Edward and Harry want Louis, Harry's work becomes personal and Louis needs all the boys to protect him.


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Eager to reach his families expectations, Louis lives a life of secrecy and denial. In one of the most respected households in Doncaster, there's no room for mistake. But when Louis meets Harry styles in his first year of boarding school, it seems all the more difficult to keep himself In check.


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"You can stop staring. Yes, I know I am an anomaly, a freak. You can say it and get it over with, but leave me alone afterwards." Louis dismissed as he flipped the page. The alpha raised a perfect eyebrow. "Brash." "So I have been told countless times. They are all over there." "Who?" Louis flipped his book and placed it on top of his knees with an exasperated sigh. "The omegas."


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Alpha King Xavier Ares Knight is the most ruthless alpha at the age of 18.He is the king of all alphas. Also, known as the most powerful alpha in the whole werewolf universe. He may be cold towards others but he is loving and caring towards his family. He is very handsome and intimidating. He had been looking for his mate since the age of 16 but had not been successful, yearns for his mate. Rose Lily William is the definition of innocent and pure. She is the kindest girl you will ever meet. She loved by everyone and is alpha's daughter. She has always dreamt about having a mate. She is sensitive and has six overprotective brothers. She loves her family to death and is a daddy's girl. She is 18 years old and is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Let's see what happens in their journey of love! #8 in Badboy on 01/06/21 #8 in innocent on 02/06/21 #8 in mine on 10/06/21 #1 in king on 10/06/21 #4 in badboygoodgirl on 01/08/21 #5 in badboygoodgirl on 03/08/21 #4 in badboygoodgirl on 04/08/21 #6 in badboygoodgirl on 07/08/21 #3 in Xavier on 22/08/21 #2 in Xavier on 23/08/21 #2 in Xavier on 24/08/21 #1 in white-wolf on 29/08/21 #1 in Xavier on 01/09/21 #2 in queen on 02/09/21 #1 in Xavier on 06/09/21 #1 in loveatfirstsight on 06/09/21 #2 in loveatfirstsight on 24/09/21 Started writing on:04/04/21 Ended writing on: **** Β©2021 Dia. All rights reserved.


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"What I do know is that she could end a fucking nation if she wanted to," "A nation?! Ha, you idiot she could end NATIONS if she felt like it" I leaned back in my chair smirking. 'I AM THAT BITCH. Ughhh I'm just so fucking awesome. Bow to me world!' ^^^^ 'Never be caught off guard as long as you shall live and you will survive this cruel game we call life' -------- Her family was never close, they never got the chance to be. She was born to an Italian-American mafia family but was quickly sent away at the age of 2 along with some of her brothers, never to hear from her family again throughout her life except the occasional phone call from her father every few years. She has lived with her father's friends and her temporary guardians until she was 12. Now she is a 17 year old mafia leader to the devil's reapers mafia along with owning a front business that rolls millions every minute and spending her free time as an assassin nicknamed the she-devil. Find out what happens when her father calls and orders her to pack her bags and come back home because he is getting the family back together. What will happen when the family reunites? Will they instantly have a bond? Or will they simply see each other as strangers? Will the family still love each other even after uncovering each other's secrets? How will the world change when all of the Knight family finally reunites? *********** Disclaimer: Strong language, (may be graphic at times) violence, rape, there will be disclaimers in the book as well. Google translate is used. I do not own any images used, they are from Pinterest. I own every one of the characters, they are all from my imagination as well as this story. If I do use something that is not I will give credit. This is my first book attempt. No hate comments are tolerated, so if you have bad things to say.. don't say anything. Vote to if you feel like it ;) I hope you enjoy my book!!