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Marriage is a beautiful and sacred bond but what if this bond is not by will but by compulsion, by force. This is the story of a middle class girl Preeta Arora who is a dance teacher and the biggest business tycoon of the city, Karan Luthra, Where Karan kidnaps Preeta and forces her to marry him keeping her at gunpoint. So why did he marry her at gunpoint? And will she ever be able to accept this marriage?


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When a ruthless mafia forcefully marries an innocent girl...... Will his lust change to love..... Will he care for her ever in life.... The journey begins from the Mumbai- Goa Highway when the innocent girl is troubled by her Scooty and needs a lift... Just if she knew that one lift can change her entire life..... PEEP IN TO KNOW......


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Peep in to know moreπŸ˜…πŸ˜…


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Because he is her's, forever!❀️ Continuing from After Preeta said to Karan that she wants to be a mother. ⚑


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On current track. Peep in to know.............. Cover credits: @SurrealSolitude


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Based on Mahira - Karan mehandi track where Preeta is injured and Karan gets to know the truth. 😍 Will Preeta realise her love for Karan? Will Mahira try to harm Preeta and marry Karan? Will Karan able to know true intentions of Mahira? Peep inside to know... πŸ˜‰ _________________________________________________ Started - 15th July 2021 Ended - 2nd December 2022 Highest Rankings - #1 - KundaliBhagya #1 - Dheeshra #1 - PKL #1 - Sarya #1 - Preeta #1 - PreetaLuthra #1 - PreetaKaranLuthra #1 - PreetaArora #1 - DheerajDhoopar #1 - Shrishmeer #1 - Rishlyn #2 - ShraddhaArya #2 - TKL #3 - TheKaranLuthra #4 - KDB #7 - DD


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Important Mission......Country ko Save karne ke liye.... Main lead: Arakshi.. Side character lead: Moran


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peep in to knw


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Already suffering from the trauma of loosing his brother, Karan has got stuck in a yet another dilemma. He started realising his feelings for Monami, the girl he rejected. But fears to confess his love as he feels he doesn't deserve her! With this heart & mind conflict, he has been assigned to lead a rescue mission where he, along with his team, had to save patients from a hospital that caught fire! During the rescue mission, Karan saved a newborn baby, who would have crushed under the burnt ceilings of the hospital! Being the head trainer & best Commando of the academy, he has been given responsibility of the kid. While on one side his life is going through so many ups & downs.......The other side, this baby has proved to be his comfort zone! Read this heartwrenching story of a Father & a Daughter...