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Let Her Go

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I love her. But she can never love me back and it hurts so much. How do you tell your best friend that she's the love of your life?

Read All Too Well if you want to know what happened next.
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Women Soccer Imagines mainly on USWNT and a few international ones


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Ahead of the final matches of the 2019 World Cup, Y/n Lacari (Lack-ar-ee) comes out as non binary, gaining world wide attention from his post on Instagram, and catching the eye of a number of celebrities. One person in Particular, Taylor Swift, responds to Y/n's post in an interview, expressing her support for both Lacari and the team, stating that she can't wait to see them play. The pair finally meet after the semi finals match in France, and things begin to take off from there. Unfortunately, it seems someone is already in the picture, standing in Y/n's way. Y/n G!P, 24 (he/they) Taylor 26 (she/her) *Y/N HAS HAD TOP SURGERY*


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"Stop saying we're 'just friends.'" "But we are." "But we're not. We can't be 'just friends' anymore. At least I can't." [warning mature content]


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After Kate received a call that shattered her dreams of playing alongside her heroes, and for the country she grew up in, she knew the only way to achieve her goal of playing in a World Cup was to choose a different route. Follow Kate adjusting to the changes of playing for a country she's never actually been to and how meeting new people could eventually lead to love.


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A typical talex fan fiction? -- this story hasn't been completely edited so your reading at your own risk --


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@tobinheath started following @Alexmorgan13; You are living through the life of my favorite friendship of Alex Morgan and Tobin Heath but will they become more than just friends?


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Tobin is the bullied new kid at Diamond Bar High school. With barely any friends, no parents, she's left pretty much alone to deal with all of this. Not to mention that she's a depressed kid, who also happens to be gay. Alex Morgan is the most popular girl at Diamond Bar High. With a nice family, money, she's captain of the schools varsity soccer team, and is also the girlfriend of the most popular guy in school, Servando Carassco, she had the dream life. Or so this is what everyone thought. What happens when Alex comes across the schools most bullied girl, Tobin Heath? Maybe things will go great... or they'll take a turn for the worst. Will Alex be able to help Tobin from her depressed state and all of the dangers that come along the way? Or will depression be the winner of this battle. ------------ *Warning- This book may contain scenes that are triggering to some readers. I do NOT in any way, shape, or form, promote self harm or anything related. This book is simply fictional and should not be taken the wrong way. If you do not like what I write, please do not read. Enjoy the story!