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Le Innocent Seductress

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Chandreza Fuero Vega
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O N G O I N G WARNING: MATURED CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Flawed Series #5: The Mayor's Paragon ~*~ Following her first crush that turned into her first true love, Kesiya Llena did her best to be better in everything and even took the position of being his secretary just to be close to him. But would her effort to reach her first love be worth it? Or would it cause her greatest downfall?


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Berett and Cami never thought that they could get along with one another. After both of them suffered a heartbreak and both of them are members of the third sex, they decided to stick together. Had fun and let destiny decide for their fate. But an incident happened that shocked them both. They promised to one another that they would never talk about it. It was a nightmare that they would carry up to their graves. They decided to part ways and never to talk to each other again. Until one day, Berett received a news from his parents. He was set to be married to the daughter of his father's friend and he didn't have the right to say no. Against his will, he needed to follow his parents. The date was set to meet his soon to be bride. And to his horror, the nightmare that he was trying to forget was crawling up from its grave ang began to haunt him. Because his soon to be bride was Cami. The lesbian that he vowed never to see again.


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WARNING: Mature Content || R18 Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language. Highest Rank 1: Adventure Highest Rank 1: General Fiction Higgest Rank 1: Possessive Highest Rank 1: Kill ******** "Grab my hand, woman!" Nang mga sandaling iyon ay nag-aaway ang utak at puso ni Ellah kung susundin ba niya ang lalaki. The man in front of her is none other than Cuhen Malcogn-ang lalaking dumukot sa kaniya at dinala siya sa isla para patayin. Pero ngayon ay nakalahad ang kamay nito para abutin niya at hindi tuluyang mahulog sa bangin. "Bullshit! Grab it now!" Pero mas nakatatakot pala ang realisasyong sa lalaki siya nahulog, at kailanman ay hindi siya nito makakayang saluhin. Dahil ang tanging gusto lang nito ay ang paghigantihan ang kaniyang ama sa pamamagitan niya. Hindi lang puso niya ang pinatay nito, pati na rin ang kaniyang buong pagkatao. Dahil ang totoo, Cuhen is still madly in love with his fiancée, Florae. Paano siya? All Rights Reserved Copyrights © 2016 by VRAIELLAJJ ******* 🔞 This story includes explicit language and force sex! 🔞 If you are not happy with this kind of plot, please lang, huwag mo na ipagpatuloy. 🔞 Again! Force sex. Force sex!


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"You're mine andrea at pagsisisihan mo ang pagtago mo ng sekreto sa akin"