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Laurence X Reader [editing]

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Y/n was just a normal gamer girl. Well normal until she met him.

All characters belong to Aphmau. I also don't own the cover.

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Laurence, a young, popular Casanova, he has the perfect life. But, when he meets the new rebel girl from across the tracks, quite literally, things take a turn. After Laurence takes notice of the girl, he tries to befriend her, but her past makes her push him away, even when she doesn't want to. Will Laurence get through to the rebel? Or will her past get in his way?


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This is going to be a bunch of one-shots of ships. like Travlyn, Aarmau, Zane~Chan, etc. I'll add other one-shot ships when I think of them. AS of the moment, updates will only ever happen once in a blue moon or when I feel like I'm in an Aphmau mood. (2021/05/16) Yes, there are lemons. (Not all have lemons) Started- Nov 12th 2017


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My Mother and Father told me a long time ago a story about a cursed soul and a blessed soul that were united to create something new. This new soul would be one that would save countless lives and free those lost in the darkness. A soul that holds warmth and comfort like the sun. A soul that gives off softness and serenity like the moon. A soul unified in both Light and Darkness. Who would've thought.... That this soul, would belong to me.... A Mystreetxoc Fanfic😁 Please enjoy!!


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Zane is just a lonely crossdresser that lives with his pet pig. Travis is a rich drug lord looking for someone to spend his money on. Updates: Mondays


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Welcome! This is where I ship characters from MyStreet & My Inner Demons who are non-canon or canon! Enjoy! <3 Remember all these characters belong to Aphmau/Jess


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Y/n is Ava's Neighbor, and a great one. When Ava struggles with money, Y/n always helps her! Y/n helps Ava try to find a job and aids in the tasks she does for Mrs. Oates. Not to mention the fact that Y/n has particular bond with Johnny (Ava's Cat). However, Y/n is a magic user. She channels her magic through her wand that she disguises as a golden bracelet with charms that symbolize the elements and the trials she faced. What happens when Ava asks Y/n to take care of Johnny while she goes to a job interview but Johnny wonders off, Y/n follows him and finds him surrounded by 5 cosplayers? and a PASSED OUT AVA?!


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"Now the moment you've all been waiting for! Everyone welcome Pheonix's Heart!" the person on the microphone said. --------------------- Y/N L/N is a likes music but old things like rap and prince and Michael Jackson. She hates new music besides good rap artists. What happens when her friends drag her to a Pheonix's Heart Concert with backstage passes and meets the band and a certain main singer starts becoming fond with her. CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE AND ALSO A FEW LEMONS IN THE LATER CHAPTERS


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Y/n is a meif'wa who was adopted by the Ro'Meaves and because of which she has always felt a little bit out of place. Then when school starts up again after the summer she meets a witch who puts a spell on her the moment they first lock eyes. All characters but Y/n are owned by Aphmau. Chapters 1-30 (Phoenix Drop High) Side Stories 1-10 (Phoenix Drop High) Chapter 31-50 (Love~Love Paradise) Side Stories 11-20 (The Bigger Move) Chapter 51-current (Lover's Lane/Emerald Secrets) Cannon Y/n is Malia Cannon F/c is purple #1 - Aphmau (06/11/2020 - 10/11/2020) (09/04/2021 - 14/04/2021) (02/07/2021 - 07/07/2021) #1 - LGBT (07/12/2020 - 08/12/2020) (All English dates)


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Laurance(MyStreet) X Reader I had never thought I'd love anyone, not until he came back to me. I didn't think I still had a thing for him after high school, but I guess I couldn't let him go... troubles come to me. Easily. I just wish I was normal, but after Christmas I guess that wasn't possible. Curses lingered inside of me from my childhood, and they still seek to destroy me, and everything inside me. Especially Lilac. --------- Okay this is my first X Reader so please don't judge. This is going to be a girls only thing so yeah. BOYS STAY AWAY! My friend has been writing a Garroth X Reader so I thought I would take a wack at it... so I hope you enjoy... BTW don't be afraid to tell me I had grammar or somethings incorrect.