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Author: GimmesumsugaYT

Category: Teen Fiction

Update: 11-12-2019

Status: Writing

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"And so they said goodbye. A boy and a girl.
But that sad boy didn't know that this time will be their last goodbye.

He didn't know that,this time will be his last chance to see the girl with the violin sweetly miling at him and saying 'goodbye' before hugging him for the last time and then crossing the street to make her way to the bus station.
Yet still before she turns away she gives the boy one last glance and smile,waves sweetly and then continues her path.

A day later,the girl is found dead in her bathroom by her mother."

She was not a normal girl.
She had a different life,different problems...
She worked hard,and still she felt like there was missing something...
In the end she just wasn't enough...

He is perfect.
He has a perfect life,perfect family...
He is loved...
He is cared....
He is sweet....
Maybe he might have been even too sweet...

What happens when somebody who is dead still finds her way to the real world?

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