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Kultura Japonii

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Tu będzie wszystko o kulturze,rozpoczynając się od mitologi
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The Ice Lady... She is not the most charming. In fact, she is too cold, too frank, and too flat. Worse, the only home she has known all her life has been taken away from her and she has to find a way to keep it. Upon her mother's strong suggestion, she has to at least try to seduce the next Lord of Langworthy. The Cursed Friend... He is charming and rich. He is handsome and smart. Women wanted him. If only he was not cursed. For now, having everything leaves him with nothing to do but be the friend to help the future Lord of Langworthy escape from Lady Ice. When these two completely opposite individuals cross paths, sparks fly. (This story is a standalone prequel title in the Everard Family series.)


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I cupped her cheeks, "Smile." When she realized that I was dead serious, she tried her best to form a smile. "You have an alluring smile." I ran my thumb along her soft lips, "But do you know what's more beautiful than that?" "Your tears." ⚠️ 🅣 🅡 🅘 🅖 🅖 🅔 🅡 🅦 🅐 🅡 🅝 🅘 🅝 🅖 ⚠️ - blackmailing, sexual assault ( F r e q u e n t U p d a t e s )


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Straszne historie z pięknej krainy geograficznej gdzie są moje ukochane kwiaty wiśni! Mają oni wspaniałą kulturę a co najważniejsze legendy i ich postacie.


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It all started when Princess Catheline married the dangerously attractive and newly crowned King of Anthreal, Xander. After their marriage, he never touched her and ignored her. It was like they were never married. Catheline fell in love with her husband, at first sight. However, Xander never returned her feelings. Catheline had a secret that her husband doesn't know. That was a secret that she promised her father that she will never tell anyone. What will happen when a masked warrior woman catches her husband's attention? And what will happen when he knows that SHE is the one under the mask? Here is a story of one-sided love, internal conflict, an intricate plot, and complicated characters. Would Catheline earn her husband's love? {My first book} Status: Ongoing. [Warning: Uncomfortable topics and endless drama] #2 in one-sided love on 28/06/22 #1 in Kindness on 6/06/2022 #1 in medieval on 27/07/2022


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After a disastrous first season in London, Rose Wilde finds herself torn between two men who love her -- but who both hide secrets that could ruin her. ***** Rose Wilde has always considered herself plain, especially when compared to her beautiful older sister Charlotte, and has practically given up on the idea of being romanced. But when American hotelier Derek Montgomery comes to revolutionise her little, sleepy English village of Ascot, Rose starts to revisit the idea of falling in love. However, Derek brings with him many secrets and obligations, some that might prohibit him from pursuing Rose -- and push her into the arms of her friend, Michael Cornell, the Marquess of Juniper. Will fate allow Rose and Derek to marry for love? Or will she indeed become the reluctant marchioness? [[Word count: 70,000 - 80,000 words]] Cover designed by Ashley Bandy (The Reluctant Marchioness is the sequel to The Coveted Countess, but can also be read as a standalone)


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(This time I will be more carefully with this story. I'm truly sorry.) Li Chang Bo ended up dying by a car crash on his way to meet a friend. He was a well known actor and has won many awards. Li Chang Bo was satisfied with his life but the only thing he regretted was not having found love. After he died, he was bound to a system that called itself 'Spring System'. His mission was to reach a 90% favorability from the Male Lead and fulfill the wishes of the original bodys owner. Unexpectedly he triggered the hidden God level mission and he has to collect all the scattered soul pieces of the Supreme God. (PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY STORY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR CLAIM IT AS YOURS. I DON'T WANT IT TO BE PUBLISHED SOMEWHERE ELSE. AND I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE I'M USING IN MY STORY. THANK YOU) Autor: Nahema Kamdem © Copyright: Nahema Kamdem