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Read story Katsuki's Baby Sister

Author: Yuzuki16

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 03-08-2022

Status: Full

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Bakugo Katsuki is known by everyone for his always angry personality and foul mouth despite him wanting to be a hero. One day his mother came home with what he called an extra. A little girl no older than three.

She stayed a day with them when his parents decided to adopt her much to his utmost annoyance. Now Katsuki has to adapt to having a younger sister, while trying to keep his reputation and aggressive nature that just doesn't seem to scare the girl away when it should.

How is he going to handle this? Being a big brother is not an easy task, especially for Katsuki where there is shit lurking in the shadow of every corner he turns.

Warning: Cursing, cause it's the Bakugo family and Katsuki is in it.

I do not own Katsuki, his family or anyone from BNHA. I only own my characters that don't belong with the main show.

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List chapter

{1} Safe

{2} A decision

{3} New family

{4} First day of School

{5} Incident at school

{6} After school

{7} Trying to bond with Katsuki

{8} Katsuki's Sick

{9} Katsuki's Sick and I am too (2)

{10} My first friend, Minato

{11} Snow day with Tou-san

{Special} Boy-WHAT

{12} First Christmas together

{13} Katashi and the truth

{14} Befriending Katashi

{15} Quirk manifest

{16} Bad day

{17} Ignoring each other

{18} Katsuki Birthday

{19} Staying at Minatos'

{20} Unwanted Reunion

{21} Aftermath

{Special} Age swap

{22} Fight to protect

{23} Police are stupid...

{24} As normal as can be

{25} Freckles boy

{26} Training

{27} Sludge Villain

{28} All might

{Special} Age swap [2]

{29} Birthday

{30} Time flies

{31} UA Exam and Surprises


{32} New kid

{33} Class 1-A

{34} Class 1-A [2]

{35} Taken to USJ

{36} School Exchange

{Special} Normal

{37} Quirk Assessment

{38} Monoma Neito

{39} Sports Festival [1]


{40} Sports festival [2]

{ 41} Sports festival [3]

{42} Sports festival [4]

{43} Shock


Well then...

{44} Training week

{Special} At the mall with Tokoyami

{45} Caution from a stranger.

{45.5} Catching up

{Special} Sleepover with Kiri

{46} Exams

{47} Practical Exam

{48} Confrontations

{Special} Hakusho

{49} Unintentional

{50} Don't...


{Special} Pool side Iida

{Special} Small Katsu

{Fantasy A.U.} Finders Keepers



|2|| Prologue


|2||2| Changes

|2||3|Training and Testing

|2||4| Lost

|2||5| Another day

|2||6| Punished

|2||7| I...Know you

|2||8| New Meaning

I did a thing..

|2||9| Infiltrate

|2||10| Closer

|2||11| Escape

|2||12 | Freedom

|2||13| Remember us

|2||14| I'm real

AN- Shiyoko's Age

|2||15| My friends...

|2|| 16| Another Bakugou!?


|2||17| Try to be normal

[Special] Wreak

|2||18| Never thought

|2||19| A little closer


|2||20| Hidden talent

|2||21|| Heartfelt Reunions

|2||22| Nightmares suck

|2||22.1| The Bakugou siblings

|2||23|Festival of smiles

|2||24| Enjoy the Cultural Festival

|2||25|More Friends

|2||26| Fast Forward

|2||27| Wannabe Heroes

|2||28| Rescue at USJ

|2||29| Chaotic Family Dinner

|2||30|Chaotic Family Dinner {2}

|2|31| Cat Cafe Fun

|2||32| Mini Heroes

|2||23| Fan mail or Not

|2||34| Threat

|2||35| Suspicions

|2||36| Thinking|

|2||37| Waiting Game|

||38| First Strike|

|2||39| Poison|

|2||40| Finish him|

|2|| Epilogue|