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Pondělí umí být den na nic. Hlavně když je to poslední den ve vašem životě, který byl normální.
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Adele knows she witnessed a murder - what she doesn't know is just how personal it is. ***** A girl was brutally murdered in the basement of a sorority house in spring 2011. Adele Theroux thinks she saw the killer - and the killer definitely saw her. What she doesn't know is why this all happened and who this guy is. As she tries to solve the mystery from a distance while in witness protection, the connections keep getting weirder and more personal. Might she be able to relate to the killer in a way that no one else can? And what does that mean about her own psyche? *2019 Watty Award for Mystery/Thriller* [[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]] Cover designed by April Alforque


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"Why are you protecting me?" "Because when you love someone, you protect them from all of the pain. You don't become the reason for their pain." When a thousands-year-old girl goes to the school for the outcasts to get away from her past to live a somewhat normal life but only to be dragged into a murder case by an emo girl who has a death wish. What will happen to her? Will her secret get found out? Will she ever get to live a somewhat normal life? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You don't think I'm a disappointment even if I'm not able to transform into a werewolf?" "You will never be a disappointment in the eyes of the people who care about you." You wipe her tears away and pull her into a hug, trying to comfort her as best as you can. ~~~~~~~~~~~●●●●~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesday addams x fem!oc x Enid Sinclair All I own is my character and their story.


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Fukazawa Yato is forced to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. Even if he had no motivation to go at the beginning, that will change more as time passes. Finally, his life going to change when he's going to meet the masterpiece of the White room. So in this story, My OC is not more OP than Ayanakoji. BUT his potential is monstrous. This FanFiction is inspired by Classroom of the elite: I am really an ordinary person by Azreel13. I don't own Classroom of the Elite.


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Krátké hororové příběhy, které spolu nijak nesouvisí, některé jsou zcela vymyšlené, nějaké mohou být podle skutečných událostí ale upravené.


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Predstavili ste si niekedy, ako by svet vyzeral, keby bola homosexualita považovaná za normálnu a heterosexualita práve naopak? Chelsie je vychovávaná dvoma matkami. Nie je to nič neobvyklé, takmer každé dieťa v dnešnom svete vychovávajú dvaja rodičia rovnakého pohlavia. Deti prichádzajú na svet iným spôsobom, ako kedysi. Chelsie však zisťuje, že jej orientácia je iná. Nepáčia sa jej dievčatá, práve naopak. No vo svete, kde ľudia opovrhujú 'heterákmi' je všetko úplne iné. Problém však nastane, keď sa Chelsie zamiluje do chlapca.