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Kairos | Newsies: The Broadway Musical

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KAIROS | "The right, critical, or opportune moment; a propitious moment for decision or action."

In which a female newsie and the daughter of a publisher join a revolution for change.

Newsies: The Broadway Musical
Jack Kelly x OC
Davey Jacobs x OC

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Exactly what the title says, Newsies One-Shots. Requests are open, and welcomed, since I'm horrible at coming up with ideas. (I do not own Newsies, I only own my original characters.)


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trying to escape her past, Cameron kelly becomes a newsie with her brother jack, life's finally great and she's in love, but eventually her past will come back to haunt her, and no matter how hard she tries to run, she will never outrun the pain. (all character rights (except Cameron, emma and Emma's family) go to the 1992 film newsies)


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And then he smiled, and world didn't seem like such a bad place


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When Racetrack Higgins and Spot Conlon see each other for the first time, it's love at first sight for Race. However, he's convinced that he could never win the heart of the King 'o Brooklyn. Well, Spot would like to test that theory. If I make a typo, first thing ya do is assume it's me trying to type out their accent. If you'se really think it's not an accent typo, then you'se can let me know.


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Jo Miller had been through what most kids on the street have been through. What happens when she meets Jack Kelly and becomes a newsie? What happens when she meets the KING OF BROOKLYN?


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in which joan kloppman grows up whilest fighting for something that is right or in which spot conlon has to realize what is most important to him -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their story isn't easy nor will it ever be. It's not only a story about love, its about growing up together. physically and mentally.


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"are you asking me out, ben tyler cook?" "i think so, yeah." "i guess it's a date." there's no doubt that eliana dempsey is the best gymnast in the world. national championship? check. world championship? check (twice). rio 2016? she'll be there. boyfriend? well...she'll have to work on that one. when a group of teenage boys touring the country comes into her gym, she has her chance. the only question: can she handle the pressure of a long distance relationship and maintain her status as team usa's golden girl?