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Just A Stage Kiss

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"Jeez, Vega, it's only a stage kiss". Tori and Jade are partnered once again for an acting class. Only this time, instead of pretending to hit each other around the head with canes, they have to do something much, much worse: stage kiss. What'll happen when the two girls who supposedly hate each other are left alone to practice for their latest class?Eventual Jori, some Bade. Rating will probably change.
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The love story between Jade and Tori from VICTORIOUS


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Beck has a boyfriend named Siva Allen who is Jade's best friend. Jade is dating Cat. And Tori is a demon in disguise.


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Allison vega is the sister of tori vega and Trina Vega. Allison is a great actress, dancer and singer but nobody knows it yet. That is until she goes to the big show case and has to fill in for her sister Trina along side tori. After the big show case she is accepted into Hollywood arts where she meets the handsome and charming beck Oliver. Ps. I do skip some episodes bc they're so cringey and I just hate them. I do not own victorious or the characters apart from Allison vega and her story.


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Maddison Vega is the younger sister of Tori and Trina Vega. When Maddison along with her older sister Tori takes Trina's place in the showcase they get accepted to Hollywood arts. Maddison Vega is caught having feelings for the most popular couple Beck Oliver and Jade West. Cover created by @ineedalifeofc


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For you jori shippers. And me ofc Tori is new in town. Let's see how Jade will appreciate that. *NOT YET COMPLETE* *most likely slow updates* *some chapters do have sexual content and mentions of abuse* *very gay*


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Jade x Tori Jori/Victorious Jade and Tori find each other falling in love. The sky's are blue, the air is nice. But when Jade realizes her walls are falling to this girl, Tori Vega, she tries to build them back up. And then the storm hits.


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Aurora Moniz was new at the Hollywood Arts Academy. She just moved to Hollywood from Italy. She has many amazing talents from singing, to acting, to dancing. Watch as she goes through adventures with Tori and the gang. Maybe she'll even find love along the way?