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Author: Maymunatu_Bukar

Status: Full

Update: 27-08-2022

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Jawahir Malik Zayyad, the last thing she expected to happen to her is getting married. Especially when she has just finished high school and about to have as she thought, the best time of her live. All those dreams and desires were abruptly snatched away from her when her grandmother demands she gets married this instant.

Then came in Aayan Abbas Abdullah, the last thing on his mind or agenda is getting married, he has no passion or interest whatsoever. Then all of a sudden his parents proposed the idea of him getting married to one of his dad's best friend's daughter. 'The ball is in your court' they said. He has the utmost desire to fulfill his Ammiey's wish, which is to get married, as he is the only son.

Will they learn how to love each other? Or will darkness take over?!

What happens when they each find out that there's more than what just meet the eyes between the two of them?

Join me as I tell you the love story of Aayan and Jawahir!!!



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STARTED: 19th June 2018
COMPLETED: 27th February 2020

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