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Jeremy Jordan Imagines

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The title says it all! All things Jeremy Jordan- Newsies, Supergirl and Bonnie & Clyde. Requests are open!
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The title explains all. Requests are closed.


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in which love is what ultimately ruins her. or marian and her father had been separated by a dagger for a hundred years until the night he was set free. [a kol mikaelson daughter story] #1 #damonsalvatore - 05.04.22 #1 #stefansalvatore - 25.12.20 #1 #kol 16.05.21 #3 #elenagilbert - 21.03.21


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Why is the oldest Gilbert never part of the story? Grace fled Mystic Falls after her parents died in an accident because she couldn't cope with the horrible grief. When she comes back, she isn't the shy, victimized school girl anymore. She developed into a confident young woman and ready to take over responsibility for her younger siblings. But how will she react to the truth about the things she missed when she was gone? Cover credit goes to the lovely @esthefanyarodriguez Highest rank: #48 in fanfiction


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These imagines were written by me, on my main Tumblr blog. I do *not* give you any permission to use, repost, or rewrite my work. * = Smut [FIC] = Large Post. Way bigger than a normal imagine.


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Hailee Steinfeld x Female Reader Imagines πŸ’˜ ✩ Message me for any requests. I take any kind of requests for all my books except smuts and personals. ✩ Highest ranking: β™‘ #1 in haileesteinfeld β™‘ β™‘ #1 in haileesteinfeldimagines β™‘ β™‘ #1 in preferencesandimagines β™‘ β™‘ #2 in steinfeld β™‘ β™‘ #4 in hailee β™‘ β™• Started: 8-12-19 β™• completed:


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Imagines based on the TV show Euphoria Request are open. All Characters...


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Do you love Jeremy Jordan? Well if so, I think you will love these imagines. I hope you enjoy!


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Read title and look at picture. note: you may want to skip some of them in the beginning because they are...written embarrassingly. i don't know that makes sense but..yeah. just skip some. they get better, i promise. started: 2018 finished: 06/23/2021