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Hello admin here and i am going to write some events of these two together! hope you enjoy - Admin
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This is the great book of Yuri One-shots featuring the Highschool Dxd Girls. Cuz you like DxD, then DxD is what you get! 💖 📌Maybe you've searched Yuri One-Shots but there are only a few DxD ones.. Or maybe you tried countless times but just couldn't find the Dxd one-shots. Worry not, this book is for you! P.S. - Enjoy reading and if you want to read a particular story theme in the one-shots but couldn't find it, then leave a request and maybe Author-chan will work it out 🔍


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Japan × Hetalia Japan isolated himself for 220 years and the other countries weren't able to enter nor trade with the Japanese (Except the Dutch). When Italy and Germany were able to sign a treaty with Japan , they became the best of friends and then the Allies will meet Japan and so on the other countries aswell meet him again. Other countries starts to fall for Japan even though he did nothing to make them head over heels for him , in fact he didn't notice. Japan is a quiet , well-mannered , polite , powerful , adorable and so on. Many interesting events will happen. Many jealous and maybe funny moments. And many adorable Japan moments. **I'm sorry if your otps aren't here because this is a harem for Japan and if you don't like it please don't read it and leave bad comments.**


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Just a collection of one shots about the Avengers family and Peter and all that jazz. This fic involves nothing after phase 3 of the MCU.


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Im still considering this so this might be a Italy x another country instead of Germany because of something... So if you read the Prologue you'll understand


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Nguyên văn: Lofter, Tấn Giang, AO3, Pixnet,Tieba... Convert: Adele AllAme


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I like yaoi. If you are reading this, you probably like yaoi too. I like Hetalia. I LOVE Hetalia yaoi! So here's my book dedicated to pictures of it.


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Same concept as Book 1. There's about 30 chapters in that one. Like that this is just a collection of 1 chapter 'stories' with a Rated R theme. I try to vary it so hopefully there's something you like in the collection. If there is anything in particular you'd like to read please message me privately (so there's no spoilers for anyone) and we can talk about it, but bear in mind I'll put my own spin on it. Also to comply with Wattpad I've had to 'censor' the chapters. They can still exist as romance one-shots though since they do have plot lines and real characters. If you'd like to read the uncensored version please check out my Inkitt (same username-cherrypop12) and it'll be there. Also if you absolutely do not want to use Inkitt, don't worry, I'll post the uncensored version on here for a few days before censoring it and putting the full version on Inkitt. :) If you're at all temped by this, please give it a shot, I'm sure it's not like many One-Shot books you've read before.