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Read story It Has To Be You || Karma Akabane X Reader

Author: Devilish_Lu-lu

Category: Romance

Update: 02-12-2022

Status: Full

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Let say that you are Tadaomi Karasuma daughter. No, you're not related but he took you in when you were 10, ever since then he has been a second father to you.

You're smart, clever and a great assassin for a kid. You're the top of your class, you're supposed to be in class 3-A but you ended up in class 3-E, the end class.

You were interested in killing the octopus and also making new friends... Well, the first part is true but the second is another story.

You met a lot of great people but when you met a redhead boy, you couldn't help but want to know more about him.

Karma was like your partner in crime. Your last year in before going to high school was the best, your teachers are awesome and so are your friends but what you did not expect was that you were falling in love with someone you would have never expected.

If there's one thing that you were good at; it would be hiding things. You had a dark past but what makes your past any different then other stories is that your past was something that no one wants to live through, it was something no one would understand.

You wondered if you could ever love but things happen and trouble comes in the way. The secrets you've been keeping finally gets out and the reaction you get from them, from your friends, classmates, the people who were close to you were not hatred... it was fear...

|| W A R N I N G: Mention of suicide, rape, sexual harassment, severe bullying, etc. You have been warned. ||

|| Cover made by @StarBl00m ||

|| Currently under editing. Story is the same, the only edits being made are the grammar mistakes. I wrote this story/fanfiction when I was very young so some things may be unclear and would like to fix that but once again: Story line is the same. Thank you. ||

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List chapter

|1| The New Girl

|2| School Assembly

|3| Midterms

|4| You Got This

|5| Class 3-A

|6| Getting in Trouble

|7| Class Trip

|8| Author Note

|9| The Ex

|10| Trouble

|11| Thank You

|12| The New Student

|13| A Wish

|14| Everyone Can Change

|15| Don't Underestimate

|16| Tournament

|17| The New P.E Teacher

|18| It's Okay I'm Here

|19| Halloween Special

|20| A Date?

|21| Opening Up

|22| No fear

|23| A New Face

|24| Going Back To The Past

|25| Pills

|26| Face Him

|27| Teaching

|28| Love

|29| The truth

|30| Christmas

|31| I Won't Give Up

|32| The Night Is Ours

|33| Keep Fighting

|34| The Antidotes

|35| Worried?

|36| Club

|37| Mastermind

|38| Life Or Death

|39| A Kiss

|40| The Festival

|41| Valentine

|42| The B*tch

|43| Trust

|44| A Favour

|45| A Favour Part 2

|46| Brother?

|47| James Amoljot Karasuma

|48| Break Up

|49| A Gamble

|50| Sport Festival

|51| 2nd Term-Midterms

|52| Flowers

|53| Another Ex?

|54| Finals

|55| Play

|56| Alone

|57| She Just Needed To Be Loved

|58| It's Okay

|59| Blue Vs Red

|60| Space

|61| Sorry

|62| Fear

|63| The Last Battle

|64| After Story

|65| Reunion

|66| Ruy Akaki Amoljot Karasuma

|67| Not A Chapter. Just A Thank You, XD

|68| FiancΓ©e?!?

|69| Bodyguard

|70| Buffet

|71| Selfie

|72| Professeur Nagisa?

|73| I'm Her Son

|74| Surprise

|75| Punch

|76| Soccer + Modeling

|77| Pizza

|78| Top 4

|79| You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

|80| You've Got To Be Kidding Me! Part 2

|81| Let's Go For A Walk

|82| Just Thinking About How Much I Love You

|83| You Guys Kissed?!?

|84| I Love You

|85| The Math Equation

|86| Mafia?

|87| Positive

|88| Pie

|89| A Happy Ending

|90| A Happy Beginning