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Is this love? (We bought a zoo fanfic Dylan and lily)

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It's been about half year since the mee family bought the zoo everything has been going well Dylan and lily never started dating but they are still best friends this year some of Dylan's friends start to come to the zoo
And one that wants to be more then friends
Pop what happens to lily?
Read to find out
May be you like?


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Title says it all. But please be gentle, this is my first. I'm open with suggestions and opinions. Highest Ranking: 3 Thanks Grizzlies!


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I just love Edmund pevensie


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"I betrayed them, how could they ever follow me?" "You made a mistake, we all do, and they know it. But you're here now, that shows them you care, that you want to help." ~ Full description inside


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Based off of We Bought A Zoo Lily is just a 16 year old girl that works at the zoo Dylan is a 16 year old boy who's dad owns the zoo. What happens when he two cross paths?