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Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X Reader [Discontinued]

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A girl who received an unknown email telling her to download the link of a "game".

She didn't know what could happen..

Except maybe a broken laptop..

Or maybe even more.. because that so-called "game" might have contained a certain tsundere demon, Chara.

After that happened, cliché and different misunderstandings, events, scenarios happens to (Y/n) which makes her ask a particular question.

"Is this a dating sim?"

[Pairings: Chara x Reader, Slight! Frisk x Reader, Reader x one-sided!OC, Implied Alphys x Undyne(?)]

May be you like?


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Once a kind man, now a devil. After killing the boss in the final stage, Karma was betrayed by his teammates and met his end. Now, back to the past with all of his memories, knowledge, and skills. He swore for vengeance and will dominate the game. Highest in ranking: #1 in gamer(26/6/2020) #1 in pro(28/6/2020) #1 in coolness(3/7/2020) #1 in fighttothedeath(7/7/2020) #1 in swordfighting(16/7/2020) #1 in gaming(19/7/2020) #1 in revenge(21/7/2020) #1 in animeworld(26/7/2020) #1 in virtualreality(29/7/2020) #1 in savage(03/8/2020) #1 in deathandlife(19/8/2020) #1 in wrath(19/8/2020) #1 in cool(19/9/2020) #1 in vengeance(29/4/2021) the novel contains violence, gore. I own all characters and plots in this story. If you find this anywhere else, someone is trying to copy my story, please inform me as soon as possible! (Cover is not mine)


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A well-paying job offer from the pizzaplex gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Sundrop AND Moondrop! However, you quickly realize that working at the daycare isn't as easy as you initially anticipated, especially when feelings get involved. Smut warning, I'm really going all out on this one. Having that said, MINORS DNI. Cover art is not mine. #1 in moon, fnaf, and fnafsecuritybreach


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Kuroda Akira had always lived like an ordinary salaryman, working hard, slaving away in his corporate life. However, this was far from what he actually wanted! He was super tired with his life in the corporate area... he loved manga, cooking and cafés . He had always desired the life of a cafe owner and manager, where he could be his own boss and make other people happy. "Isekai... huh.. stories where protagonist gets sucked into some other world... sounds fun! minus killing and violence... I would rather open a café there." But it was all but a far away dream! drowsiness from the work finally started to kick in and soon everything around him dissolved into darkness. when he came to be, he was in a typical manga villainess trope like situation! "...As the crown prince of the Croyan kingdom, I hereby annul our engagement". I am going to be disowned anyway... let's pack our bags and leave! If this is all real, I definitely want to follow my dreams atleast this time in my life. Omg I can't believe this:- [April, 11 2022: #2 in text-to-speech] [July 8, 2022: #1 in kuudere] [the Artwork is not mine... all credits to the original artists, the writing part is original in all aspects tho :3]


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Y/N L/N is just an average everyday kid who enjoys life. Of course watching anime and gaming around is another favourite hobby of him as well as collecting them and also being an edge-lord. One fateful day, the most cliche event happened as he was killed by a truck and sent to the afterlife where another world waited. Let's see what will happen to our protagonist. (I OWN NOTHING BUT THIS FANFIC AND SOLO LEVELING DEFINITELY DOESN'T BELONG TO ME)


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I don't own anything in this story This is one of my first stories so don't hate to mach


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(Chara will be considered male for the purposes of this book) Life on the surface was hell for you. You had lost all hope in humanity. Your parents hated you, the townspeople hated you and they would only interact with you if it was to give you a beating but not everyone was like that, in particular there was a boy around your age who wore a green and yellow stripped sweater who seemed to be in the same position as you, though you didn't get to interact much, you both acknowledged each other and knowing there was someone else going through the same as you kept you going but......eventually he disappeared and you are...on top of Mt.Ebbot, staring into the abyss and though you couldn't see it.....the abyss was staring back....


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You are (Y/N), the brave girl. You're always standing up for others without hesitation. One day though, you'll meet somebody who will change everything.


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This is the story of a man who transmigrated into the Avatar world as Sokka with a Gamer Interface. The Main Character will be smart. So no Shounen protagonist power-ups with no logic. **Disclaimers** -All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s).


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(Y/n) is the new girl at school. Everything for her is fine...except for one particular student; Chara Dreamurr. Chara seems to like picking on her, but their reasoning is different from most. Who knew (y/n) would catch feelings for them, of all people? <3