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Inuyasha's Bad Days

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What happens when a certain half demon gets sick after a battle.
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Sickfics~ So you know this is just a fantasy not real I do not wish this for the boys! If you have any ideas for my next one please comment them!


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As Naraku grows closer to completing the sacred jewel, Okami's chances of getting her revenge becomes slimmer and slimmer by the day. They say love conquers all, but is that really true? Will the love that has bloomed between Okami and the wolf demon tribe's leader Koga be enough to defeat the all new and evermore powerful form of Naraku? It's time to find out.


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Trapped and with rain water rapidly rising about him, Dec was very quickly running out of time while his rescuers were running out of options.


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An apprentice at the avengers compound have been doing the hero's busy work for quite some time now. Once she's given a new task, she's in for a lot more than she suspected. Warnings so far, I'll add more as the story goes on: -ptsd -vulnerability a LOT -a lot of emotional distress Not an enemies to lovers!! P.S. some of these chapters contain things I've seen on Pinterest or Twitter. When I find their @, I do credit.


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Hey guys :), I'll bring a few short stories about Jay Halstead here. Don't get confused, I'm writing to my best friend out of necessity (greetings to you). But what it's actually about: My favorite character in Chicago PD is Jay Halstead. I like to let him suffer;) I know it sounds a bit strange, but that's what the short stories will be about. My first language is not English, so please don't be too strict with me. It's my first fanfiction in general. Have fun reading and I look forward to your feedback btw i dont own the characters. They all belong to Dick Wolf! :) -Ispuki Best rankings -#1 Halsteadbrothers -#1 Sargent