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A Scarlett Johansson Imagine

Scarlett Johansson X Reader
(New book cover & Name)

This book is full of Scarlett Johansson interviews but with Y/n

Update: there's a book 2 and its also out now!
May be you like?


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Yeah, this is going to be a book with some Oneshots It probably will be Natasha Romanoff/ScarJo or Wanda Maximoff/ Elizabeth Olsenand Florence Pugh/Yelena Belova most of the time<3 I write gxg I do take requests I am not the best at writing smut, so don't blame me if I do write this lmao Have fun while Reading I do NOT own any of the marvel characters! I only own the plot, Y/n and some side character which will be in some stories!


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"The fuck? Girl it's 2020 why hate?" "I know what year it is, I have my own calendar" I replied but she just gave me an eye roll. "Just...I just don't like that look of it, I don't know... I don't understand." I said, my voice barely a whisper. "Hmm..." She placed her hand on her chin and tapped her lips, "try and kiss me then?" "What?? I just said I don't like the look of two girls together, why would I kiss you?" I backed away a little. "Oh yeah- what about a hug instead?" she asked. "I don't like physical contact." "Please?" "No." "It's just one second!!" "A no is a no." She pouted and stomped her feet and I'm lying if I said she didn't looked cute. "fine. One second." I said, keeping my annoyed façade. "So... You say yes to my Hug?" I rolled my eyes, my lips failing to hide a smile. "I say yes to the hug." ----------------------------- Highest Ranking #1 in Girls (10/29/2020) #1 in gxg (7/31/2022) #1 in highschool (7/31/2022) #1 in girls (8/22/2022)


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ONGOING || I'm dying to have my lips on yours. ▬▬ a collection of x!reader imagines and Smuts for characters that Elizabeth Olsen has played. elizabeth olsen x fem!reader © deftonesluvvr


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Elizabeth Olsen love story A talented triple threat gets to finally work alongside one of their favourite actresses and celebrity crush Their on-screen chemistry is amazing. The perfect duo to play two super heroes in Love. They soon start to realize they have chemistry off-screen too. But they refuse to acknowledge it while everyone else around them can see that this duo is perfect for each other GxG G!p


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(Book Two) At the age of ten, 'Eden-Rose' is now a world renowned name. Watch as she juggles between her growing fame and her personnel life. Dance Moms: Season 3 (incomplete)


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"I swear nothing happened" I tried not to moan "I warned you Allison that you are mine that no one should touch you the way I want to touch you that no one should see you the way I want to see you " she husked as she plunged two of her fingers inside of me My head hang back in pleasure as I tried to contain my moans. The pleasure I was feeling was undeniably. "On your knees" she growled I quickly dropped to my knees with my hands on my thighs waiting for further instructions. She unbuckled her belt then unzipped her pants. She pulled her pants down along with her boxers and her dick sprung out. She was huge. "Suck like the slut you are" she growled I didn't move or anything. She gripped the back of my head and pushed her dick into my mouth causing me to choke. "I said to suck don't disobey me" I could barely breathe her dick was hitting the back of my throat cutting the air off to my lungs. She pulled me back and I started to cough. You could see my saliva glistening her dick She gripped my neck then picked me up bringing my face closer to hers "I'll show you never to disobey me Allison" She roughly turned me around and shoved me down on the desk so that my back was to her. "You haven't been a good girl have you Allison?" She slapped my ass The sting cause me to yelp and jolt further on the desk. "I asked you a question so answer me Allison" she slapped my ass again harder than the first time "No I haven't" I choked out tears running down my face "No you haven't and for that I'll teach you a lesson" she hissed She gripped my waist then lined her guy up with my entrance. "Fuccckkkk" I moan as she slammed into me She roughly thrust into me giving me long deep strokes as she slapped my ass. "Fuck you feel so good princess" She grunted "But you were bad" She picked up her pace going faster and deeper. She snaked her hand around my waist and to my clit where she used her thumb to rub circles against my clit. "Please I-I'm sorry" I tried to moan


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A whole Smut Book one shot A G!P Scarlett x Reader Dom/Sub I highly accept and need a request on this one cause first I truly don't have many plot for this book I don't own any characters here except Y/N and other characters, it's all own by Marvel


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A compilation of one shots with Natasha Romanoff. Pretty much all fluff because who doesn't love some good old fluff. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS.