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Inappropriate obsession - CenCem story

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23 years old Cemre Yilmaz gets a shock when her mom announces her that she and her family needs to move to Istanbul to get some money. Her mom is Seher Yilmaz, mother of three children: Ceren, the middle child of 20 years old, Civan the youngest, of 19 years old and Cemre, the oldest child.

Cenk Karacay, the famous play-boy of 25 years old is the oldest child of the Karacay family, one of the most feared families in Istanbul. His dad: Agah karacay lost the interest for his own children when his loved brother died and gave him the responsibility of taking care of his sick child, Nedim karacay of 23 years old. Seniz Karacay, the mother of Cenk karacay and Damla Karacay, the youngest child in the Karacay family (18 years old).

Once Cemre meets the Karacay family she notices some tension between Nedim, Seniz and Cenk. That makes Cenk to be more curious about what Cemre knows. What will happen after? (This is my first book so I am sorry if it's bad!)
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