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In Her Eyes - EP. 27 Fanfiction

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Originally Posted Dec. 14/2017
It took nearly losing him for her to realize how she really felt. Less than 24 hours later, looking into her eyes...he saw it.

This story was originally posted to fb fan pages December 10th, before Ep. 27 aired. The first part was inspired by the fragman/promo for Ep. 27 where we saw Hazan leaving the airport, thinking Yağız had left. The second part was posted December 14th before Ep.27 aired, and was inspired by a set photo that was released of Hazan, Yağız and Sinan in the lobby of the plaza.
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Originally Posted Dec.18/2017 A whole year away from each other didn't change anything. And he couldn't stay away from her anymore. Originally posted to fb fan pages December 18, this is a time jump story about YagHaz.


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Originally Posted Jan 10-Feb 5/2018 Sometimes it seemed no longer a question of if... but when. Hazan didn't understand her jealousy and Yağız didn't let himself believe she could feel what he felt. But going on a short trip after they try to brush past their feelings once again forces them to realize they can only fight these feelings for so long. Parts 1-6 of this story were first posted January 10 on fb, and the set up is based on the fragman for Episode 30, Nil is back and the campaign is launching. This fanfiction ignores the adoption storyline. Dedicated to Sia, who told me how she pictured a jealous, restless Hazan. Thanks dear for letting me use that to form the basis of this story.


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Originally posted Dec.26-27/2017 On his search for the truth about who poisoned his father, Yagiz and Hazan find themselves on a snowy mountain and they share a moment that will change their lives forever. Originally posted between Dec.26-27 on fb fan pages.


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Originally Posted Dec.26-29/2017 He never needed anyone by his side. Learning the truth about his own adoption, he channels his direction to helping a young girl from the orphanage reunite with her own family. But in his path to find the truth, Yagiz learns something else about himself and what it is he really needs. Originally posted between December 26-29 on fanpages, this is a Yagiz centric fanfiction, with YagHaz as well. This story was written before episode 29, and in this story, Hazim doesn't recover so quickly and Yagiz learns the truth about his adoption through a mistaken comment from a stranger. DEDICATED TO NILAY, Nilay you had the idea for Yagiz helping a little girl from the orphanage, thank you for letting me write this about it and helping me with the scenes and storyline ☺


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Originally Posted Feb.20-Mar.7/2018 He had made a choice for both of them. He would sacrifice, he would deny, he would keep his promises ... he would do it. He had to. But when she needed him... he wouldn't be able to stay away or hide his feelings. And it turned out neither could she. Feb.20/18- A/N - This story picks up right where episode 35 left off... I tried to use a plotline I think will be somewhat different from what may happen but still loosely follows some scenes from the fragman for 36 released a few days ago and scene locations from actors + crew member photos/instagram stories etc. for episode 36+37 that came out before episode 35 aired. Dedicated to the yaghaz fb fanfic girls :) You are all the best. & all the fans who translate FHVK news into English on instagram, twitter and fb for everyone that can't speak Turkish :)