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Read story In Between Sweater Sleeves

Author: JackieGutierrez007

Category: Teen Fiction

Update: 08-10-2015

Status: Full

647 likes / 25377 reads

Danny Young's childhood best friend is a world wide celebrity, but after leaving to L.A. seven years ago; they have grown apart. Still, Danny is hidden behind her famous shadow in their small town. Things only get worst when like most child star's Misha begins to act out; she’s become Hollywood's bad girl. When she gets herself into a car accident, as punishment, she's sent back to her home town and to live next to her old friend. With her project's on hold, and her accounts frozen, she has no choice in the matter but to suffer.

Danny's small town life is turned around when his old friend comes back, but is it really for the better? Can they repair their broken friendship or are they too shattered to repair? Copyright protected (c) 2014

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