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Update: 30-09-2022

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Hi! My name is Philip Ackerman, and I'm 20 years old. Luke Stanford Academy medical student. I'm a serious guy with a lot of challenging roles in life. My school always put me under pressure in order for them to have unreachable background achievements. I know it's difficult for a normal person to think, but this is me, and it's okay. I have a supportive family and devoted friends who have always seen potential in me. And through that I was inspired to keep moving forward even when life was playing me. Yes, I am the so called campus prince, but I have had no exes since birth. A bunch of mixed genders confessed to me as well, but they are not my type. Except for that person who confessed 5 years ago. Even though I don't like him, he keeps messing with my head. He was my Junior High School batchmate. I've always seen him as one of the academy's basketball player, and no joke, he's really good. A lot of girls admire him as well. And one day, which is my birthday. He entered our classroom unexpectedly and asked if we could talk for a moment and that was the start of my curse day. I didn't do anything wrong to him, so why does he keep appearing in my dreams? Urgh, stop it. I keep telling myself to forget that guy. But, maybe there's a reason of that happenings?

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