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if i was in ninjago (Scroll 1)

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well its not rly me but an oc so if you wanted to be a reader story change Echo to (y/n)
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[Message to my male friend on Wattpad: Jeremy, do NOT read this book! If you do, I'll kick your ass at school! Thank you.] She's is a fallen goddess...and has been living among the mortals- as a mortal, for centuries..comes back anew after every lifetime..But now, this is the final life she'll fix her horrible mistakes. A little girl, (Y/n) (L/n), met Lloyd right after he was kicked out of his boarding school. Knowing that he couldn't survive on his own, she acts as his protector and loyal servant. But unbeknownst to everyone, there's more to her than meets the common eye. This is a (Series) Lloyd X Reader, inspired by another book "Golden and Silver."


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In which the stars give two sorrowful children each other. [ONGOING, UNDERGOING EDITTING] [7/30/19] [RANKED #1 IN TENTH DOCTOR] [9/24/19] [RANKED #1 IN DOCTOR WHO] [DOCTOR WHO] [TENTH DOCTOR x oc] [SEASON 3 - SEASON 4]


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Follow the story of our quirkless protagonist as he tries his best to lift the status quo that all quirkless people are useless. Will he be able to become a top hero, or will he be brought back down and forced to life the life everyone expects of a quirkless person? -------------------------------------------------------------------- (I don't own My Hero Academia or Iron Man/Marvel. I just own my oc) (I don't own any images, art, or videos I use unless stated otherwise) (Has some foul language) (Will have lots of elements based off of Iron Man/Avengers/Marvel)


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"..You know what? I can find my own way to my apartment. I'm capable enough, and besides, I can always ask for directions! So anyway, I got to go so-" "Hokage-sama? You requested to see me?" ".....Shit." --- A girl, black hair, onyx eyes, dark humor, dark style, a cussing machine, these all describe one word. Sid. __ Warnings will be put when something triggering is happening or will happen. ⚠ Vulgar language ahead. Read at your own risk. Might be kinda cringe. Slanted language will be used, as well as bold. OC X CHARACTER(S) OC STORY OC=Own Character


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Sequel to book 3 under the same name. The hunt over the mytherian numbers are now officially over and Zaira and the gang are back in heartland, living their lives. Or so it seem. Things couldn't be worse. Zaira have found out she is in reality a barian, and Vector's sister. Astral supposedly died in their battle with 96, and it left both Yuma and Zaira deeply depressed. It didn't get better when the barians and Zaira's brother are gonna do a critical move, forcing Zaira to decide between the two sides. Yuma's or the barians. A choice that can put the whole universe in jeopardy. This story is filled with heartbreaks, tearfilled moments and a soul search in who Zaira truly is. Don't miss it! (Self made shipping name, with help from my friend shadowgeist here on Q, Stubborn Shipping (Zaira and Shark) as well as remembrance shipping (Zaira and Dumon) and do wonder what predatory star shipping is lol) Note: Cover are not made by me, but by ĸryѕιɴα cнαɴ here on Quotev. So please check her profile out. she makes there amazing anime covers. Like she did this story. She is really amazing here. I can't do it that well :D This is only a fanfic! I am not claiming anything from Yugioh Zexal as my own, Beside my Oc Zaira Wroom, Haku the Miko girl and the Oc Grace, who I borrowed from JiNx Follow this girl, she is awesome! All other things from Yugioh Zexal belongs to the rightful owner that made the Yugioh series.


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After writing tons of Beatles WG, I decided to branch out into the other fandom I'm obsessed with. Here we have the ninja all being bloated up in any way possible!! Also thanks Chubwriter667 for making the drawing on the cover


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A long time ago when the First Spinjitsu Master was present. A companion of his was there to protect him when he needed it the most and helped provide light to Ninjago, the place that the master created before disappearing. The guardian then decided that it was time to rest after serving its master. So, the guardian proceeded to a temple to rest and said these words, "The person who shall have my powers will be the guardian of the green ninja and its protectors. May the light guide you through your journey." At that, the Guardian of Light finally rested with his master leaving Ninjago to advance on its own and to hope that future heroes will protect what the two left for the next generation.


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Have you ever wondered how the ninja would be doing in Quarintine? Well you came to the right book! For starters there will be no bad words... Kai in the background: WHO THE F*** TOOK MY F***ING HAIR GEL?! Jay: DON'T F***ING SWEAR YOU F***ING PEACE OF S***! IT'S A SIGN OF WEAK VERBAL SKILLS! Kai: SHUT THE F*** UP B****! ... This also a parody so the jokes will absolutely make sense.... Kai: A bird can't be your brother. ________ Morro: Stay away from me! I don't want to get the carona! Nya: You're a ghost. You don't have to worry about the virus. Morro: Yes I do! It has spread to the other ghosts! And some are even dying! ________ Jay: The cat is only Nya's sister. Kai: And Nya is my sister. So the cat is also my sister. Jay: No the cat is only Nya's sister. Kai: How the f*** does that make sense? ... and my kid ninja obsession TOTALLY doesn't make it's way into this book.... Little Lloyd and little Morro: Are we a joke to you? ... Ok that's enough of my rambling but anyway enjoy the book! I don't own ninjago or the charecters. Cover made by @the_quiet_jade