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I want out // RE8 fanfic

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heisenburgs past + current storyline just....altered into my idea. also ethan x heisenburg
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[I do not own Resident Evil. This is a Y/N insert where you've traveller to the Village to find your missing friend who went missing in the area regardless the local police say about no findings.] This will be a semi-lemon mature action/harem plot, completely Fan-Con for those who love to r34 the lady of the castle, This is clearly a mature novel meant for mature readers so you've been warned my friends. !! Heads up, best read in scrolling mode since i wrote this on my phone !! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ~ Teaser ~ Y/N had landed himself on the exact coordinates Travis had left behind, the message itself didn't matter but where he stood is where the message was sent from a week or so ago. He listened to the locals babble on the bus ride over about hunters and hikers disappearing in the woods this deep into the mountain scape, those who did make it back where sent to a asylum for uttering such absurdities like lycans and cultists. While bus left him behind, a unscheduled stop for the driver, Y/N sighed and pocketed his phone. Y/N: {Thoughts} Travis... You better be screwing around with some European model cause im gonna be really upset with your dumbass... Y/N peered over a guard rail, a narrow trail in the snow leading off the slope into the woods, a faint red dusted by the fresh white is barely visible through the dead shrubbery. Y/N hops the rail sliding his way down to the trail below, the red he was a scarf lightly buried alongside a few other random odds and ends like mittens and hats but this only told Y/n somes bag must've fallen open or it was tossed off the road. Until stepping forwards something beneath the white sheet tripped, face first into the fluff. He wiped his face looking down into the snow to find something staring back.....


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••• Requests are open [] closed [✓] ••• Basically imagines with all resident evil Characters. I'll post my own but feel free to DM me for requests!


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- ⁎⁺˳✧༚ just some imagines for my favs ♡ [ contains blood/injury & swearing ] - ⁎⁺˳✧༚


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Basically the what the title entails... Requests are closed for now! Cover is made by @anna.sassi_art


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Listen to me! Your life is just as important-more important than mine! This isn't the Cyberlife days when you could just come back! There are no new Connors waiting for your memories back at Cyberlife tower, there is just this one. Connor, you die, you die. You can't go on suicide missions.- I don't want to lose you, Connor...because it would kill me. Detroit- 2040, Two years after androids rose up and peacefully won there freedom. The world is still getting used to the idea of something metal and plastic becoming alive and getting the right to be so. However, according to Hank Anderson, there could be no better place for his partner and dear friend then right by his side, android or not. A series of murders lead Connor and Hank into the pursuit of a dangerous killer, and it will tear all they know apart if the murderer his not held into the shackles of justice, but what will it take from our team to do so?? --- Yay! We gonna have some fun with Detroit: Become human! Y'all should have seen this coming bruh! Lol, This story revolves around Conor and takes place after one of the better ending you can get in the game (this is the ending Jacksepticeye got in his first play through) I'm just gonna have some fun with me favorite boy! ;) The story probably won't be the longest.


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Y/N woke up in a strange village, a man named "Ethan Winters" finds her laying on the ground and decides to take her with him to find his daughter . He told her they were heading to the old castle to see if his daughter was there, " We'll do a quick search and leave as quickly as we came. " Boy was he wrong...