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I wanna ruin our friendship (Jinx x Fem!Y/N)

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Jinx is your school bully and you're just the quiet kid. One day she finds out your secret and only time will tell if she'll be nice or not.

Arcane "happy" AU
Based in 2022 and American school life, specifically high school.

Another jinx fanfic that will probably flop
I'm trying too hard at this point

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"The fuck? Girl it's 2020 why hate?" "I know what year it is, I have my own calendar" I replied but she just gave me an eye roll. "Just...I just don't like that look of it, I don't know... I don't understand." I said, my voice barely a whisper. "Hmm..." She placed her hand on her chin and tapped her lips, "try and kiss me then?" "What?? I just said I don't like the look of two girls together, why would I kiss you?" I backed away a little. "Oh yeah- what about a hug instead?" she asked. "I don't like physical contact." "Please?" "No." "It's just one second!!" "A no is a no." She pouted and stomped her feet and I'm lying if I said she didn't looked cute. "fine. One second." I said, keeping my annoyed façade. "So... You say yes to my Hug?" I rolled my eyes, my lips failing to hide a smile. "I say yes to the hug." ----------------------------- Highest Ranking #1 in Girls (10/29/2020) #1 in gxg (7/31/2022) #1 in highschool (7/31/2022) #1 in girls (8/22/2022) #1 in slow burn (2/17/2023)


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"I swear nothing happened" I tried not to moan "I warned you Allison that you are mine that no one should touch you the way I want to touch you that no one should see you the way I want to see you " she husked as she plunged two of her fingers inside of me My head hang back in pleasure as I tried to contain my moans. The pleasure I was feeling was undeniably. "On your knees" she growled I quickly dropped to my knees with my hands on my thighs waiting for further instructions. She unbuckled her belt then unzipped her pants. She pulled her pants down along with her boxers and her dick sprung out. She was huge. "Suck like the slut you are" she growled I didn't move or anything. She gripped the back of my head and pushed her dick into my mouth causing me to choke. "I said to suck don't disobey me" I could barely breathe her dick was hitting the back of my throat cutting the air off to my lungs. She pulled me back and I started to cough. You could see my saliva glistening her dick She gripped my neck then picked me up bringing my face closer to hers "I'll show you never to disobey me Allison" She roughly turned me around and shoved me down on the desk so that my back was to her. "You haven't been a good girl have you Allison?" She slapped my ass The sting cause me to yelp and jolt further on the desk. "I asked you a question so answer me Allison" she slapped my ass again harder than the first time "No I haven't" I choked out tears running down my face "No you haven't and for that I'll teach you a lesson" she hissed She gripped my waist then lined her guy up with my entrance. "Fuccckkkk" I moan as she slammed into me She roughly thrust into me giving me long deep strokes as she slapped my ass. "Fuck you feel so good princess" She grunted "But you were bad" She picked up her pace going faster and deeper. She snaked her hand around my waist and to my clit where she used her thumb to rub circles against my clit. "Please I-I'm sorry" I tried to moan


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Stumbling upon a village and exploring minus the constant warnings to leave y/n makes her way down a old foggy path where she sees hanging dolls, Graves, vines and old buildings. The further she goes into the forest she walked into the more dizzy she becomes, soon looking up and seeing her daughter that had passed not long before. Freaked out y/n continues on the path making her way to a elevator then a house when she knocks on the door she is met with a....doll? ⚠️I do not own re8 or its characters!⚠️ this story has mature themes! smut, angst, mentions of self Harm and trauma and other shit with mental health warnings are put at the start of every chapter that Inludes a sensitive topic or smut


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I moaned softly as my walls stretched around Skylar's member feeling how big she was. I bit my lip as my gaze met hers waiting for her next instructions. She had a wide mischievous smirk on tugged on her lips as she brought her face closer to mine before placing soft kisses on my jaw making my walls squeeze tightly around her dick in anticipation every time her lips met my skin. "You did great baby girl." Her hands traveled up and down my back caressing every curve I had on my body as she whispered. I nodded which made her freeze her motions and the next I felt her hand wrap tightly around my neck making my breath get caught as I struggled to breathe. "Fucking answer me when I talk to you slut." Skylar whispered harshly in my ear as her grip tightened more. I nodded immediately. I tried moving up from her but she held me down making her member ravish my insides again as my walls squeezed her as I tried to close my thighs together but her body was blocking their path with me on her lap. "Shh baby girl no need to waiver when you haven't done anything yet." I whimpered as her hand loosened it's grasp around my neck as I felt tears building up in my eyes. "Yes daddy, I'm sorry." I whispered as tears rolled down my cheeks. "Good baby, now all I want you to do is to ride my dick like the fucking stupid whore you are until you can't use that brain of yours and don't you dare cum without my permission or else I will fuck you myself until you know how good of a slut you are. **** Skylar West is a definition of a stone cold ice. Hot at the same time cold She's freezing cold towards everyone until she meets Laila but that she didn't change her at all instead she woke up the demon inside her she kept asleep. Meet Laila White... let's say she does everything to get what she wants but that's until she met her boss Laila who destroyed her yet made just her more beautiful to her eyes. She didn't think that was the case until she decided to quit everything.


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Collection of One-Shots featuring Piltover's finest


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injurious; causing or likely to cause damage or harm β€’ β€’ Under Piltover lied a unstable community of unwanted citzens. The air is filled with shimmer and criminals walk the paths everyday. One of those criminals is said to be "Y/N", a infamous assassin who gets the job done swiftly and cleanly. There never was a job she couldn't complete... until SHE came around. β€’ β€’ tw//blood, gore, smoking, death, psychological trauma/issues ⚠️I DO NOT OWN ARCANE, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, OR THE CHARACTERS FROM IT⚠️ fem!reader x jinx updates randomly


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An average daycare worker finds himself taking care of four of the world's most famous pop idols kids. Can he handle the pressure of the kids and the idol moms on top of rest of the daycare? Or will his nice and quite life become more hectic? All rights for KDA and League of Legends go to Riot Games Art Credit goes to Yoclesh on Deviant Art


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,,I need you. With me". ,,If that's what you want right now, I'll stay". ,,It is what I always want". ............ You have spent your whole life in the orphanage of the village and ever since you heard the first story about the castle, you had a plan on how you would start live your life in freedom. When you finally "turn" 18, you follow your plan and you think everything goes well, but it turns out the stories they told about the castles weren't all made up. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was a coincidence but you meet the one who you seemingly were destined to be with ever since you were dropped off at that orphanage and a family shows up out of nowhere, making you believe that you never have to live without one ever again. word-count: about 101 000