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I'm You're Boogeyman

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Title from lyrics of White Zombie's, "I'm Your Bogeyman". I do not own the cover art, Haddonfield or Michael Myers.
Y/N moved to town with her aunt and uncle after the death of her parents in a car crash. Little does she know, she's moving right into the infamous Myers house. And Halloween is exactly one month away.
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(Michael Myers x Fem!reader) Haddonfield, Illinois 1990, a new family has arrived in the small town. A spunky young girl named Y/n L/n takes the scene. New school, new house, new life. When she befriends an outcasted boy, things take a twisted turn. skip 15 years later. She tries to leave the past in the past. But a certain someone has a different idea (Based on the Rob Zombie Halloween Remake) (MATURE THEMES PORTRAYED IN THIS BOOK)

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Title is obvious so I'mma make this short. "Are you insane to do this doctor?! Thes-these are no ordinary patients ma'am these are critically insane psychopaths with no gauranette of actually being both medically or psychologically helped!!" "I am fully aware of who these people are which is why I chose these patients as my first study group." "What the hell do you mean by 'study group'?" "Well it is simply me interviewing all of these patients together in one room, from which I shall learn and study their peculiar traits and habits so there can be better preventions of murders and even being able to treat mentally ill people with early signs of these behaviors." "......And if you can't get anything out of these patients?" "......well, the choice is obvious isn't it?" [SLOW UPDATES PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME]


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Do you ever just play Dead By Daylight and think to yourself, "dang, I wish I could date this person. Too bad they're a fictional character" or, "holy shit I want to fuck them." (LMFAO) Well guess what? All your wildest dreams come true right here. All ya gotta do is press read ♥️ 👉Art on the cover and in the book doesn't belong to me! Most impressive rankings: 🎖️#1 in dbd 🎖️#2 in horror 🎖️#3 in horror-thriller 🎖️#5 in oneshotcollection 🎖️#5 in halloween ✨Started ~ October 10th, 2019


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music was the only thing that illuminated their darkness, but now, it was the souls of each other.


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There's never been enough male reader stories, so I thought I'd make my own, these will range from meet cutes, fluff, smut (if requested), and horror I will do non binary readers but won't do fem readers, sorry basically just every slasher I like and requests, happy reading!


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*COMPLETED* (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offered Killian, his pistachio-green eyes drilling into mine as a playful smile lingered on his lips. "A bet?" I gulped, intimidated by how close he was sitting next to me. He nodded and raised four fingers, the ones with the letters "Y.O.L.O" tattooed on them, wriggling them in front of me with his ever-so-confident grin. "Four dares, Jones, just you and me." And that's how it all started. *** Rankings: #fiction #featured #queer #gay #depression #bl #youngadult #featured #comedy #bisexual #manxman #teen fiction #boyxboy #bxb #LGBT #romance Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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Do you know what lies beneath? Beneath the ground, or even beneath those around you? You never think about it much, until it comes to the surface... And sometimes, it's too late. So come along with me... And learn about the tale of multiple families, merging into one.