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I'm Here (Klance)

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A distress response goes horribly wrong, leading to Shiros disappearance. Keith is not taking it so well.
Lance notices that Keith is slowly fading away, from the Keith he knows. He tries everything he can to bring the old Keith back, even if it costs him his relationship. However, it proves to be more difficult than he thought it would be.
Keith struggles are not just what the team thinks.
What else is going on with Keith?
Where is Shiro?
Can Lance bring back the old Keith?
May be you like?


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Cas wants to know how to have fun like humans. But he makes the mistake of asking Dean for advise. (BoyXboy) (Sexual References)


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(Never written a Male Reader story so this will be fun) (English is not my first language so there will be spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes) In a world full of aliens, people getting kidnapped by them. People got used to it, well I didn't.... My life is just full of shit I don't go outside I- Well I should tell you how my life's shit! "The government is always right, it can do no wrong"....I have a different point of view. I see the world in a very different perspective, the government feeds lies so when a whole empire of aliens threatened the government they did a bargain... With my life. They decided to give up a lab rat, a science experiment the most advanced one, me, for no harm to come to Earth. The aliens took the offer but deep down the government knew that they are gonna come back to earth one way or another. I guess I can start with, my name is Y/n L/n and this is my story..... #2 Keith Tag (6/26/19) #3 Vld Tag (2/27/20) #3 Shiro Tag (9/6/20) (NOT all episodes are gonna line up with the chapters) (None of the characters are mine. Alina and two more characters belongs to me. This book starts at the first season. Also none of the planet names or alien species names are mine )


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Ash Willow is the outcast of his pack, the omega runt abused by his stepfather, the head Alpha. Daemon Steele is an alpha of the enemy pack with a violent streak. He's stubborn and cold hearted, he doesn't believe in mates. So what happens when he finds the little omega who ran away from home? Why does he feel drawn to him, despite the mistrust of Ash who comes from the enemy pack? And why does he let this omega keep prying his way into his heart, no matter how much he tries to push him away? Disclaimer: abuse, sexual content, dark/ mature themes


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Princess Y/n is the cousin of Princess Allura and also the previous paladin of the red lion. After woken up from a ten thousand year slumber, Y/n, Allura and Coran find that the lions have found new paladins to pilot them. Not wanting to repeat history nor put any one else in danger like in the past, she keeps her princess and paladin self hidden, leaving only Allura and Coran to know who she really is. Only to leave the new paladins in suspicion. As she keeps her true self hidden, she also hides how she really feels when she can no longer pilot the red lion. Battles and training sessions goes by, Y/n slowly starts to reveal her true self...and her true feelings to a certain paladin. ***** ‼️TW‼️ There are slight words/signs of blood in a few chapters, but not all. ~~~~ Season 1: [Complete ✅] Season 2: {Working On ⛔️}


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My first fanfic of Klance! I'm obsessed with them and I think they're so freaking adorable so I wrote a fun and short little story! Enjoy! Credit to the artist! If you know plz me let me know


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If you live here you have to deal with the constant rain. Some just like it for the puddles and the way the cool droplets feel on their face after a football game,but this one boy loved the rain...........


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Hey you. Yeah you. The one with a list dedicated to Klance. Ya want some more Klance. you've come to the right place. Here we have Klance oneshots(only fluff and angst)! If you have any requests plz private message me or write a comment! Also No smut,i'm too young for that so...yeah. But probably mentions of smut.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sincerely , 𝙆𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙈𝙘𝙆𝙤𝙜𝙖𝙣𝙚


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Type - Web Novel Author - 冰块儿 (Little Ice Cube) Genre - Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Yaoi Chapter status - 114 chapters + 14 extras (completed) Sequel novel of Short Story Of ShaoWang!! Give all credit to original author and eng translators. Also Cover Credit


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Rhon Gates is a boy with lower than average skills who lives in a family of prodigies. Neglected and hated by his family, Rhon decides to commit suicide on the 5th year anniversary of his father's departure to Germany by jumping off his dad's former company's building. When he finds himself in a room with three doors- one being locked- he goes through the one that leads him to being reincarnated as a villain in an otome game, Randall Howell. With the original's desire to die and his own unwillingness to live another shitty life, Rhon attempts to die through any way he can; overdose, poison, dangerous plants, jumping from the roof, hanging, stabbing, drowning, you name it. However, he can't die until it's the original's time to die in the game. Defeated, he decides to avoid the hero at all cost. Until he saves the hero from a difficult situation. Who will Randall end up with?


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This is a drabble set of Gladnis (Gladiolus x Ignis). Both are characters from Final Fantasy XV. This collection is more for my friend who loves Gladnis. There will be no lemon because I don't want to sin myself yet lol. However, there will be angst and fluff. Updates will be slow just to let you know