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Read story I Got My Bad Side Awakened After Rebirth

Author: sweet_comb

Category: General Fiction

Update: 18-08-2022

Status: Full

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Original author: Signing At The Moon
Original publisher: flying lines
Original Translator: Guy Gone Bad
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In the previous life, Ling Fan was a total loser and poor cannon folder who fell in love with a white lotus. After rebirth, he wanted to be a smart guy.

As for the white lotus? Sorry, I would no longer have feelings for you! As for his rival in love, the man who could crush him like crushing an ant, he remembered him! When he was strong enough, he'd get even with him!

See how a young man who got his bad side awakened after rebirth married his rival in love and climbed to the pinnacle of life!

Oh, by the way, Ling Fan was the top!

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List chapter

1. If There Is Next Life

2. Rebirth

3. No Fear Of Death

4. The One He Loved In His Previous Life

5. Ling Fan's Miserable Life

6. Wanting To Decide His Own Destiny

7. Rivals In Love

8. Impromptu Robbery

9. Today Is My Lucky Day

10. Encountering Chu Xiao

11. Enteristing Things

12. Examination Results

13. Blinded By Love

14. Adding Some Drugs

15. Being Locked In A Dark Room

16. Cooperating With The Performance

17. A Glass Of Wine Spiked With Aphrodisiacs

18. A Hero Saves A Beauty

19. His Matchless Beauty

20. You Are So Beautiful

21. Taken Advantage Of His Perilous Stage

22. He Has A Burning Desire To Be Strong

23. Underground Fighting Coliseum

24. Ling Fan's Breathtaking Arrogance

25. Making A Fool Of Himself

26. He's My Idol From Now On

27. Lack Of Love

28. He Has Such A Bad Taste

29. I'm Here To Visit A Prisoner

30. I Can Get You Out Of Here

31. A Cute Boy

32. Your Wife

33. A Disturbance

34. My Brother's Wife

35. Reaching An Agreement

36. The Help Of Mr. Leopard

37. Your Opponent

38. My Boss Is Awesome!

39. Conquering Liuhe District

40. Longing For Family Love

41. Chu Xiao's Hatred For Fan Ming

42. You Are So Lucky

43. An Admonitory Talk To Subordinate

44. Chu Xiao's Strange Behavior

45. Being Swayed By Consideration Of Gain And Loss

46. Please Marry Me

47. Looking For Fan Ming

48. Retaliation

49. Ling Fan's Hand-line Stance

50. An Act Of Revenge

51. Looking For A Cooperator

52. Ling Fan Suddenly Lost His Self-Control

53. Placing Chu Xiao Under Surveillance

54. Your Not Fan Ming

55. Kidnapping Chu Xiao

56. Taking Him Home

57. The Drug Has A Strong Effect

58. Do You Want To Take A Shower

59. Don't Call The Police

60. An IOU

61. Who's The Head Of This House?

62. Inspection Result

63. Thinking Of Fan Ming

64. Let Me Help You Take A Bath

65. Who Do You Think Is The Top?

66. Having Thier Own Thoughts

67. Who Is Fan Ming

68. Having Feelings For Him

69. Rules In Jianghu

70. Help Him Apply The Medicine

71. The Ambiguous Atmosphere

72. Good To You

73. Identity Exposed

74. I'll Go With You

75. His Warm Side

76. Stay, Don't Go!

77. This Feels Not Right

78. Qing Gang Got In Trouble

79. I'm Enjoying The Feeling

80. Unbelievable Misunderstanding

81. Unexpected Guests

82. Happy Birthday

83. Cold War

84. Unrestrained

85. Not There

86. Got Interupted

87. He Come In Person

88. Touch His Taboo

89. Wait Three More Days

90. Not Have The Heart To Do That

91. Get A Wife

92. Drunken Mistake

93. Do Wathever You Want

94. Pain All Over

95. You Should Pay The Boarding Fee

96. Master Xiao, Spare My Life!

97. Beware Of Lou Li

98. He Likes Chu Xiao

99. Feel Flattered

100. Determined

101. Chu Xiao's Rage

102. Come Peep Him Again

103. Meeting Again

104. Tit For That

105. Waiting For Him To Come Down

106 - My Wife

107. He Regretted

108. Ling Fan Tried To Explain

109. Want To Try It?

110. First Kiss

111. Add Fuel To The Flames

112. Desire Unsatisfied

113. A Family Of Three

114. Goodbye Kiss

115. Something Is Not Right

116. I Missed You

117. Do As You Want

118. Unexplicably Nervous

119. I'm Going In

120. Too Crazy

121. I'll Go Buy A Medicine

122. A Call From Lou Li

123. Let Me Apply The Medicine For You

124. Your Worth It

125. We Are Dating

126. Plan To Buy A House

127. He's Mine

128. I Missed You

129. A Special Date

130. Unbridled

131. Do You Like It

132. Let's Go To Bed

133. You Can Do Whatever You Want With Me

134. Ling Fan Doesn't Deserve You

135. Chu Xiao's Reverse Scale

136. He Takes The Bargain

137. Prepare A Bottle Of Wine

138. Who Dares?

139. Kill And Rob

140. Come Over Early Today

141. Where Have You been?

142. Try To Please Me More

143. Got To Know the Truth

144. Am I Wrong?

145. Enlightened Suddenly

146. Long Time No See

147. Your Courting Death

148. Qing Gang's In Trouble

149. Chu Xiao's Moves

150. Let Me See Who Dares

151. Finally Meeting Again

152. Despicable

153. Drop Him In The Hospital

154. Take Good Care Of Him

155. Playing Pitiful

156. Where Is Lin Fang?

157. I'm A Wounded

158. You're Good Too

159. I Guess I Am Crazy

160. The Password

161. Want To Do Nasty Things

162. Special Promise

163. Want To Live Together?

164. Change A Place

165. Buy This Place

166. Only Him

167. Wear This One

168. Only Want More

169. Chu Xiao's Past

170. Tell Me Your Past

171. This Thing Should Be Put On The Agenda

172. Let's Take You Home

173. Sneek Shot

174. They So Match

175. Back To School

176. I Need Console

177. I'll Keep Owing You

178. Special Agreement

179. As Long As You Are Fine

180. I'm Very Happy

181. Windfall

182. You Put Out The 'Fire' For Me

183. Be My Partner

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Extra Six: Go Camping; Be Lei Lei's Temporary Parent

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