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I am Loving You (Completed)✔

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Title inspired by - Enrique

A warning ☠️☠️
This book leads are Nakuul and Surbhi but true fans of Narbhi ,please don't read it. I won't recommend.

Peep inside to know more about story ;-);-);-)

Cover by - mimo :-*:-*
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It's A About Shivika's Pregnancy Story , They Aren't Ready For Kid , Will They Still Keep It Or No?? Peep Into The Story For It


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This book is only for 18+ readers. Each shot will have 18+ scene, so if you have any problem with it, kindly leave or ignore it. One shot smut collection. • You can request for the plot you want to read. • Do not bash. Read at peace and be in peace ✌️.


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Don't want to give description?? so just read it? Cover Credit- Goes to me only?


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sh_aarohi had asked me to post all of my Rikara stories that I had posted in indiaforums (which were originally written for Rishabala & Michi) Hope you guys will enjoy it :) All Cover Courtesy : ImOrginal aka Nithya and Yours_abhigya


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''●Arranged marriage●'' ▪▪▪▪▪For people of the young generation many feel that arranged marriage is something which they can never accept, but its wrong... Arranged marriages are also beautiful, which gives us chance to discover our relation with our partner after marriage, same as love marriage in which love is discovered before... Some people say, arranged marriage only has sexual relation in it, but hey..its wrong...marriage gives the right to each other's souls and not bodies.... There are thousands of couple happy after arranged marriage and have fallen in love... But this needs time and trust.... Here's presenting a story of a young independant girl, Anika and a young charming boy Shivay. They never knew each other before their marriage...but they accept their relation wholeheartedly and decide to be friends first. Do read this story if you want to join the journey of how Shivay and Anika fall in love discovering the beautiful moments in their relation..▪▪▪▪▪▪▪


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Anika rajpoot who never lose deal with anyone suddenly one day news comes , that deal which supposed to be in her hands went in some oberoi defeating her in business world. Getting a sudden jolt couldn't disguise by her and she decided to take revenge from him which he never thought about it before even in his dreams.


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Ok guys finally I have decided to write. this story will be about shivay and annika omru will always be there but the main focus will be on shivika love story. shivay belongs to rich oberoi family arrogant egoistic same as ishqbaaz but not that particular about castle, background and blood linkage but yes he have certain standards which he keep maintained. annika belongs to a sarpanch family in village not so rich but quite well. She is chirpy, extrovert, muhfat, friendly. How their story will evolved when annika will come to Mumbai for further studies and do internship in oberoi industry. it will be full of twists and turns. its gonna be an intersting one and long one too. Mark my words this is gonna be the craziest ,wittiest, funniest , most romantic story u have ever read on shivika till now and it will be totally totally different from show. So stay tuned. You surely gonna enjoy this as I said romantic so plz don't expect cheap romance it will be beautiful when the story will turn into mature I will mark it as mature but for now its just cute love story.


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It's a new story of shivika met with full tadi and with dhamaka but off track if you haven't watched ishqbaaz then you can read this story too. In this story Anika wi be shivaay's pa. So join me in their journey 😊 Published on : 23 November 2018 Completed on :