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Welcome to the World of Hypnosis, this is NOT a story but scripts for you to take a step into your subconscious mind.
May be you like?


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Hi, and welcome to my Weight Roleplay book.💜If you would like to roleplay please go right ahead and do so as I am always free to roleplay 😊


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This is NOT a story about hypnosis. This features true hypnotic scripts. Be sure to send me a private message asking for specific scripts you would like!


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A collection of NSFW stories involving mind control.


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Have you wanted to just Submit and drop down to your knees? Becoming a Mindless Obedient Slave and doing whatever you can for your Master. Read this and you will enjoy the steps to becoming my Slave.


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Furries who love wedgies, your dream has come true. This book i'm creating was requested from a friend i am very close to. I will write stories based on pictures i get that include furries, and wedgies. So message me and we can talk more about what you'd like to add to the book if you'd like.


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The sunshine room is only for the best slaves. It's where good slaves go to finally be completely hypnotized by their mistress. Only the most obedient of slaves are allowed in... do you want to come see inside? A collection of hypnosis scripts by your mistress. Enjoy!


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Sara is a teacher at a high school where tentacle beasts go to school with humans. Her life is a quiet one and she has enjoyed teaching her students. The staff mostly ignore her and no one really talks to her which is ok with Sara. unknown to anyone, Sara loves tentacles and dreams of the day a hot horny tentacle beast comes into her classroom and falls in love with her. one day a student named Shawn is transferred to her class. Shawn is a tentacle creature who is shy and doesn't have many friends. when Shawn and Sara meet, they both have an instant attraction to each other and they both want to make love to each other. They soon begin a romance that no one else notices.


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Some scripts by MindTrickster. WARNING: May use some language of permanent changes


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This is a random story that i came up with, it has nothing to do with my life or any of my family and it have weight gain, fruit inflations, test subjects, froce feeding and more.The girls that go through this is bullys who pick on people who is chubby so they get there tast of there own medicine and if you want to know what happen then you just have to read it.