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Author: Twiisted_

Category: General Fiction

Update: 09-06-2019

Status: Full

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Young and reckless is what they called his kind Or Maybe he was just Reckless while Young?
Smooth Playboy Jason was the one every nigga would look up to.
He was Young, Sexy, Paid, and Smart. But don't take his life as a piece of cake, Nothing was handed to him but the death of his parents & Bestfriend. Killed by "Family" Jason bagged his back against the way and to trust nobody. Starting a hustle from the bottom on his own he managed to be one of the Top King Pin around and EVERYBODY knew it. Finishing what his parents started Jason knew to care about nobody but himself and that was pretty damn good for him. But when Jason runs into trouble that might knock him off his game he meets face to face with the one thing he hasn't seen .. Love ❤

He was the Natural playboy , "A different Broad er' night" until he meets his So called match. A thick Yellow bone names Bri in the store of the mall. Trying to save himself from what he would call a 'Hoe wanting to get paid, Jason runs into more and more problems each day. where ever he goes trouble has already matched its territory. With Death, A Nephew Who's Actually His Son, A "Sister" on crack and Enemies even worse then before what will he do? Jason's tension builds up but that's the price you pay for the things he does. Will he keep paying this price to keep the life as he knows it going? Or will it kill him and leave him stranded like it did his parents ?
Find out In .. Hood Love

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