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His Little Rosa✔

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A six-year-old Roseanne was a innocent little girl. Her mother and stepfather Jameson were abusive and would always punish the little girl for small mistakes.

Then there was the famous and ruthless Alexandros Bianchi. Cruel, heartless, wicked Monster. Real father of a mentally and physically broken child, Roseanne..

Long story short, he wasn't the one who will go softy at the innocent acts of his daughter and he definitely can't see a single scratch on her body...

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My hands pull at the cuffs straining my arms above my head as he takes me ruthlessly. His prisoner to take from and eventually kill. All I can do is hold on, helpless as he takes me over the edge. "I'm supposed to kill you but I can't stop fucking you." He groans above me, staring down between my legs as he thrusts. "Cum for me." And without warning, I do just that. -------- Vera Aurae Elias is the killer of men. After crawling her way out of hell, she vows to get revenge on every person that helped get her there. No one knows her true identity and is a story told to warn men from wrongdoings. All they do know is that if she comes to visit you, death is next. Entities around the world want her dead and will do anything to get what they want. The Huntress is something that all men in the Underworld have come to fear in case they might be the next person on her list. Kill the Huntress before she gets you and live to see another day. Vera has survived too much to let that happen. For year's, she has ran away from her past, her fear, her heart. This is until her past catches up to her in the form of someone she used to know. Now she must decide, let one of the most deadly men in the world kill her or kill him first. Orion Alaric Hale is a man you never want to meet. With his short temper and deadly training, you won't get the chance to beg for forgiveness before a bullet is put in your skull. He may look like a God but he won't hesitate to send you straight to hell. His background of terror has left him merciless against his prey and his rise to King has left a trail of bodies behind him. When he is hired to catch the Huntress, he comes face to face with the person he least expects. The one person that plagues his dreams after he left his nightmare behind. A sacrifice Orion made that turned her into a vicious killer. The woman he has spent the last eight years trying to find.


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When I was born I wasn't good enough for my mom so she left me at a group home right after. I've spent half of my childhood in a group home till. one day I was told that I have six elder brothers,one sister ,a step mum and my long lost father. Surprisingly they want to adopt me, so fifteen year old me was glad that I finally get to have a family and experience the love of a family. well jokes on me things didn't go as I expected them to and that I walked right into a whole new hell. my name is Heather Reigns and this is my story.


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Part One - Poised After thirteen years, Grace is finally reunited with her five older brothers. What she doesn't know is that they are some of the most dangerous men on the planet.


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What happens when a young girl too innocent. Loses her mother at a young age. Not being able to understand why her Mother has left her... To be given to her 3 Older brothers who are trying themselves to get through everyday life problems. Who didn't even know she existed till now. Will she be the light of her brothers lives? (No photos used are belonging to me. I get everything off of pinterest)


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Bella had grown up with a loving family and friends, she was popular, intelligent and had looks most girls envied. One day her world came crashing down, her father wanted her to marry a CEO to join their companies as the business her dad worked so hard to build was starting to crumble away. At first she was hesitant but family was everything to her and so she agreed, as time went on she began to see her future husband for what he truly was, a controlling and manipulative man. She couldnt marry him but when her families threats dont phase her, they go to a more drastic approach. Reporting her for a crime she never committed. Lukas (luke) was a no nonsense cop, he was good at what he did and was high ranked. When he met Bella he had no desire to even look into her case, she was a no good kid as far as he was concerned but as time passed he began to see the real bella. will it be to late, will he be visiting her in prison or can he clear her name.


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"Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. He has found me and claiming what is his; me. "Sire please, she not even 21 yet. Please let her stay for the year!" My father pleaded for my life but it was no use. I belong to him. Silence crept through the house before loud banging from large footsteps crept from the staircase. The pleading did not work. He was coming for me. .... BOOM! The large sealed oak door broke down with a simple kick from the notorious beast. I ran to the corner for protection but to no avail. He was taking me to my new life. ------------ My destiny was written before I existed. My family bloodline held much respect throughout generations, we were a perfect fit to be married off to the Vincenzo family. The largest mafia group to rule all of Europe and parts of America. They controlled everything since the beginning of time. So when my ancestor agreed to marry off his 8th grandchild off to the leader of the Vincenzo clan; it was a victory for the family. I am the 8th grandchild. My life now belongs to the Vincenzo clan.