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His Best Friends//S.M

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This is really bad,, but some people seem to really like it, enjoy...

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Christine Payne is the golden child, everybody's favorite. She never gets in trouble, she has never got a detention and is probably going to win some sort of prize when she's older. Never had sex, never had a boyfriend. Simon Minter is a jerk. Notorious for leading girls into traps, getting them sprung and ditching them. Never caught feelings, never had a relationship that lasted.

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She was a nurse trying her best to adapt to the London lifestyle He was a famous YouTuber. When a friends holiday pairs the two in the same place living very different lifestyles, will the pair crumble.... Or find solice in their indifferences? "You don't understand how it is Harry!" "What's wrong with being different?" "Everything"


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When Lu comes home from uni finding something she didn't expect, she packed her bags and left. Little did she know she'd be seeing him again. As much as things were awkward and he definitely didn't deserve it after what he did, she couldn't help falling back in love with him. It seemed that every time she pushed herself away, they got closer together. Was it really meant to be, even if he 'cheated'? Highest rankings: #625 in Fanfiction #1 under miniminter #1 under Simon Minter *CHEATING/TRIGGER WARNING* This story includes content on cheating, and if that is a trigger or makes you feel uncomfortable, I advise you not to read this. Started 25 November 2016. Completed 4 June 2018. © Overworkedwriter, 2018


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Cause after all this time, I'm still into you.. It's been seven years since they last saw each other, but a lot has changed. Does love truly find its way back home? highest rankings #2 in wroetoshaw #1 in ksiolajidebt #1 in zerkaa © moonlitmarn 2021


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Different stories of Dazai and Chuuya . Each chapter is independant from the others unless i mention it .


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Holly Maddison Decker, 15 and lost. Sweet, kind, quiet, shy and observant. Abused at an orphanage, she is taught that she is worth nothing and will never amount to anything. What happens when a group of boys from YouTube called the Sidemen visit the orphanage to find a kid to take care of? What happens when KSI adopts a fifteen year old girl in hopes of finding a new family? Will Holly learn to adapt to his lifestyle or crack under the pressure?


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"You promised it would always be me." "It's always you, you idiot... I couldn't love anyone else." Highest rankings #1 miniminter #1 sidemen