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Hidden Troubles

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Loki's punishment for attacking Midgard involves him staying in the Avengers Tower, helping to fix the city he tried to break, no magic allowed. With hateful stares directed at him everywhere he goes, Loki spirals downwards into a battle with himself, triggered by the memories of his time in the Void. But with the Avengers close by, they soon realise that there's another monster they have to face, a monster much harder to defeat than a legion of Chitauri.

-heavy mentions of anorexia
-disturbing descriptions of torture
-mentions of rape

STAY SAFE ❤️ if anything in this story is triggering, or invokes unhealthy thoughts about food, PUT IT DOWN!!

Do I own the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I wish.

But there is a cat. I own the cat.

(will rewrite this summary at some point I'm sorry)

STARTED: 14/10/19
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Two years ago, Thor took Loki to Asgard; and to Odin. Left with his adopted father, Loki is assigned a punishment not even Thor and Frigga are aware of. Now, as Tony decodes the encrypted files of shield for fun, he comes across a file with some disturbing footage revealing the truth of Lokis punishment. From a year and a half ago.