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Hidden Heirs

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Caroline believes Klaus would kill her and her children when she finds herself pregnant. So the only thing she can do is fake her death and run.

I do not own The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. If I did Klaroline would have been endgame.
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One family over the whole multi-verse is picked to connect the whole of the multi-verse. How they do that travel into Tv shows because every show is really just an other earth. That family the Roads. When Caitlin Roads' friends get drunk and persuade her to take them to an other earth they get stuck. How? well long story short Drunk= forgetting Forgetting= not understanding that you are from another earth Not understanding that = not being able to get home. How will Caitlin get her an her friends home.


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Elena Gilbert gets the surprise of her life. So, she, Bonnie, and Caroline heads down to The Crescent City to track down Elijah Mikaelson. Now, she is forever bound by the Mikaelson family. Elena takes on a new challenge with new loves, enemies, and being a vampire. Elena x ? Caroline x Klaus Bonnie x Kol.


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Just some Elejah moments for entertainment. Occasionally featuring other pairings such as Klaroline, Bamon, Hosie, Jyler, Klayley, Dayley, Kennett, Jelaric, Marbekah or Stebekah


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A series of unfortunate events causes Caroline to travel to Limbo - a place, where all dead have a chance to travel across to a far, more pleasant place, called Peace, only under one condition. The only thing is, though Caroline doesn't exactly remember what happened to her, she's not ready to leave her life behind yet, and so she decides to somehow find a way out of the situation, and try to remember what brought her here, no matter what the final price would be.. Along a way, she also happens to meet someone, whom she thought she'd never get to see, or talk to again.


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just a fanfiction about the ship Klaroline in tvd. God I really love them 😻 this fanfiction will take place in and after episode 11 season 5 of tvd when Caroline and Klaus meet in the woods. What if this special meeting will change Caroline's mind ? What if she wants Klaus to stay ...? I'll try to be regular, I'll do everything I can. I'll try to post 1 chapter per day during holidays but when i am going to go back at school it's gonna be really complicated. I'll be less active, I am sorry about it. ⚠️OH AND I DO NOT OWN THE STORY COVER, I'VE FOUND IT ON PINTEREST ⚠️


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#Elejah one shots, also featuring the Original Mikaelson Siblings and short stories like 'Pride, Love, Hunters and Vampires', 'Love Lost', *Wildest Dreams*


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Valencia Salvatore X Hope Mikaelson What happens when a girl with control issues meets a girl trying not to be defined by her past? What does Katherine Pierce have to do with all of this? Can The Salvatore School handle what's to come? Legacies X The Vampire Diaries X The Originals