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Ft. Abir Rajvansh and Sai Joshi Due to Virat's illogical behaviours, Sai and Virat gets separated. This story moves forward showing Sai's life after her divorce. Then, enters a tenant with positivity and happiness in Sai's life. Will these tenant get a chance to place himself in the broken heart of Sai Joshi? #13 in AyeshaSingh out of 764 stories Date : 11/08/2021 #2 in ayeshasingh out of 102 stories Date : 14/08/21 #16 in sai out of 2.13K stories Date : 23/08/2021 #9 in sai out of 2.16K stories Date : 10/09/2021 #3 in lesson out of 2.95K stories Date : 5/10/2021 #1 in tenant out of 103 stories Date : 17/05/2022


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If you're a writer struggling to improve your craft, this book can help. It breaks down the basics of a good story and good writing. It'll also provide a few tips on how to stay motivated. There's no magical formula for instantly likable stories, but you can lay a strong foundation for a future full of writing that fulfills you. Success starts in your head. A blend of helpful tips and "chicken soup" for your writer soul.


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Most of these are just words I got from the internet so most of them are not 100% true. This is all made just for fun. [UNCONTINUED] 📎Subjects&Topics •Scary Facts •Phobia's •Games and Movie facts •World Facts Language: Tagalog(Filipino) and English Some parts is called messing with, so don't be mad at me. 'niji


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This story is basically about a girl changing a man whore into a very loyal man. Read the book, you'll find it very interesting🖤


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Basically for anyone reading my "One Piece (Love Story)" that's curious to learn more about Skylar's character, have any questions they want to ask me about her or her and Zoro's relationship, and even suggest any scenarios you want with her and Zoro or her and the crew. You can do all of those here. Any form of questions are accepted. SFW and NSFW scenarios are accepted as well. Decided to change the cover art to the recent redraw of Skylar my friend (who did the first cover art as well) made for me. She's improved quite a lot and I'm proud of her. She goes by kurachan26 on DeviantArt and currently goes by LeeHJae19 here on Wattpad.


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You've got a great story, but no one is reading it! That's because you need to help readers find you. This guide will help you figure out how to... - Get more reads or views - Get more followers - Increase your influence - Advertise your story without turning into a pariah - Become an overall successful writer here on Wattpad Warning: non-humble bragging ahead... I'm a Wattpad Star with a story in the Paid Stories program and another story with over a million reads on it, so chances are good that I know what I'm talking about. :)


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mdzs or grandmaster of Demonic cultivation reactions to tiktok and animatic and shown the truth about Wei wuxian. all the pictures and video belong to their rightfull owner I own nothing 🤗


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( ရိုးမာန်ဂုဏ် ♡ နွေလရိပ် ) ♡ 28 . 8 . 2021>♡< 19 . 12 . 2021 ♡


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Amelia Russo The only daughter of the Russo family, most loved and cared for. One day, she gets kidnapped by her father's employe and that day turns out to be the worst day of the Russo family. Getting kidnapped when she was just 4 turned her life upside down. From getting pampered and loved to get beaten everyday, her life takes a drastic turn. Now she's 14 years old, Depressed and suicidal. with no motive in life but one day everything changes when her kidnapper dies and she's send to live with her 6 older brothers. whom she had no idea about. She don't plan to share her secrets with them, they don't plan on sharing their secrets to her. what will happen when secrets will come out?


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a book about true crime