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Help (Moonbae)

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Where Jacob was in an abusive relationship and was left in the streets when things went south. Then he meets Kevin, someone who might be able to help pick up the small pieces that broke off of Jacob a long time ago. Kevin also has his own struggles that he doesn't let show. Maybe meeting Jacob could help that?
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Hermitcraft oneshots. Not much else to say. Started: 20/10/2020


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( THIS STORY HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED ) It's hard to judge I must still be dreaming again like last night If I fell into a long and sweet nap Don't wake me up forever...


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This will be a book of whatever hermitcraft related ideas I have. I do ship the hermits Minecraft personas ONLY. There will be no shipping of real life people! So if the shipping bothers you DO NOT READ THIS BOOK it will be full of it! Also I will not write smut because that is nasty. Gore I will be rare. Fluff will be common as will some light angst, so the normal. This is my first fan fiction basically ever soooo. And if anything pops up that I have not written here I will add warnings.


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Armani once had a loving family with her 2 parents,7 brothers and 2 sisters Until she was wrongly accused of murdering her younger brother Everything changed ,her Farther and sibilings abused and neglected her for years until she was finally sent to live with her aunt and uncle After years of being abused and mistreated by her aunt and uncle, learning to look after herself and her 2 children now 3 and loving her long-time boyfriend .She is forced to return back to her family. Will she still be the naive little girl?Will she still want her family's attention?Will they find out her secrets?


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This book is a collection of one shots and short stories starring kpop idols from any group!


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Most people only have 2 or 3 soulmates, but 19 year old nurse, Jade King, has not 3 not 4, but 24 soulmates. (Please don't hate, this is my first story!) ⚠️ warning ⚠️: contains abuse, cursing, (possibly) dirty talk, lgbtq+ The Avengers are all mated to each other with the exception of the twins, T'challa and Shuri, and Loki and Thor. (Cause I don't do incest.) Soulmates include: Thor Odinson Loki Laufeyson Bucky Barnes Pietro Maximoff Wanda Maximoff Scott Lang Stephen Strange Bruce Banner Natasha Romanoff Steve Rogers Tony Stark Clint Barton Peter Parker A hot mystery guy T'Challa Shuri Sam Wilson Hope Pym Carol Valkyrie Luis Zemo Peter Quill Gamora And possibly more but idk...


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Natalia Lombardi is a 15 year old girl she has lived with her abusive step-father since the age of 10 after her step-father is killed in a car accident she finds out she will be living with her father and 5 brothers she didn't know she had they also have a big secret will Natalia find out what that secret is and how would she react.