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Hellsing One shots/Headcannons(request closed)

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These are short stories as well as headcannons from hellsing, based on all characters you can find in the stories.

Note: These are reposted stories from my old account as taztaz92.
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(y/n) alucard otherwise known as the devil slayer.Along with his two friends is embarking on a journey of kicking ass and killing devils.Why because it's fun and because he's fuckingmothering vampire. i don't own hellsing or highschool dxd


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the strongest organization on earth with the best defense against the hordes of hell spawns and enemies of humankind


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Everyone knows werewolves have their own soulmate or mate their other half, While shapeshifters have their own imprints, And vampires have their own beloved or blood singers. This rule of nature and fate is also an acceptation to the No-Life King. But what if his beloved came at the wrong time? At the wrong place? With the wrong circumstances? Highest Ranking 2017, 2018, 2019 Highest Ranking Rank 1 Alucard Rank 1 Seras Rank 1 Integra Rank 1 AlucardxReader Rank 2 Hellsing Rank 4 Dracula Rank 4 Ghoul Rank 6 Vampire Rank 11 Adventure Rank 15 HumanMate Rank 18 Zombie Rank 43 Gore Rank 90 Death Rank 253 Fighting Rank 259 Action 2020 Highest Ranking Rank 2 Beloved Rank 2 Horror Romance Rank 18 Reader Rank 37 Mate Rank 45 Horror Rank 49 Soulmate Rank 180 Supernatural XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Sneak peek) Without any hesitation, you began running again. You were about to turn another corner only to see this time the barricade doors broken. Was it the police or the intruder? No, if it was the police then no one should be screaming for help and the police siren should be on, it must have been the intruder, but if he, she, they or them broke this metal door down. What do they want? "HELP ME! Ahhhh! Somebody Help ME!" You unconsciously move to the broken doors and past from a corner room and see a male laying on his back with two nurses, opening his stomach eating him raw. "HELP ME PLEASE!" He screams more loudly like a squealing pig being gut open with his head bending so far back and his hand reaching out to you. You didn't move, you couldn't do anything but watch. You watch as they tear him more open, see the life faded from his eyes, see the cannibalise act, see the red pools around him calling for you. You could smell the corpse decay and rot, smell the metallic copper, see the splashes of blood. Then Another two gunshots only this time it's fired right behind you.


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With Mankind across the Multiverse suffering the risk of execution by the hands of their own creator; The Gods. The only way for them to survive is to defeat the Gods in tournament in a fight to the death, better knew as RAGNAROK! Does Mankind have a chance? They better, because it's either Fight for Survival or Die trying!!


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Lemons from animes like hetalia naruto blue exorcist vampire knight attack on titan space dandy inuyasha bleach durarara!! death note tokyo ghoul black butler hellsing ultimate danganronpa love stage say i love you maid-sama diabolik lovers Magi Seven Deadly Sins and pretty much these are the animes i know. If anyone request anything i dont know send me a little description on message, the person and what they do and stuff


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requests: open requests will not come out fast! i do not own any characters besides the fateful y/n, who i will be using she/her pronouns for unless specified otherwise by request


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(Y/n), a female Stand user with the Stand Red Velvet, has recently moved to Tokyo, Japan. At her new school, she meets the two boys that will change her fate- in more ways than one. As she travels with them, she realizes that she's starting to develop feelings... for both of them? Which one will she choose? Most characters in this belong to Hirohiko Araki + David Productions -- Past Rankings: #1 in jjba #1 in jotaro #1 in jojoxreader #1 in jojopart3 #1 in stardust #1 in crusaders #1 in kakyoinxreader #1 in bizarre #2 in jojosbizarreadventure #2 in secondperson


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You attended school with the infamous Jotaro Kujo, and although you found him attractive, he had a record. One fateful day, when you were faking sick to go home, you run into a brawl between the Jotaro Kujo and a very pretty red-haired exchange student. You helped Jotaro defeat the boy with your ability, White Angel. In doing so, you learn there are more people out there with similar abilities. Having no one else left to care for at home, and a red-haired, loving, caring, and beautiful boy you felt obligated to protect, you set off on a long, dangerous journey. On-going (No art is mine)