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Healing Shattered Hearts (Maxon And America Story)

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What if Maxon chose Kriss? Will America find her happily ever after? Will Maxon get her back?

This is the same story as ChameleonsForever's aka me. The other account wasn't doing what I wanted.

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Prince Osten Schreave of Illéa has grown up hearing stories of how his parent fell in love during his father's Selection, watched his older sister find love in her own Selection, and seen his older brothers find love on their own, but finding true love is really the last thing on Osten's mind. However, his allegedly irresponsible and reckless manner has made his parents and older sister, the Queen, decide something needs to be done to help him grow up. It is time for Osten to have a Selection. Zara Collins is the daughter of a former Six and Three who married right after the end of the caste system. Despite the freeness of Illéan society since King Maxon took charge, Zara's family has always been looked down upon as Sixes by people who still abide by the old ways. Zara is determined to go to study at a university and overcome the position she was born into. However, she had no money to do so and government aid is almost non-existent. When she hears news of Prince Osten's Selection and the fact that participants get compensated, she knows it may be her only chance at her dreams. The only problem is that she finds Osten to be a totally lazy and spoiled rich kid. However, first impressions are not always correct, and it may be that she has more in common with the young prince than she ever could have imagined. America yelled at Maxon when they first met, Eadlyn conspired to get rid of every boy, but will the mischievous prince and the ambitious commoner find something in each other they never knew they were missing? Read to find out in this unofficial sixth installment to The Selection series... *All original characters of The Selection belong the fabulous amazing Kiera Cass, but Zara is all my own :)*


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America finally has Maxon. Happily married. She has the responsibilities as queen. Everyone adores the royal couple. But when Maxon starts to drink a little too much. A royal affair is hidden in the castle. What will happen to America. What will she do? WARNING. Mature. ALL RIGHT GO TO KIERA CASS! I DO NOT OWN THE SELECTION SERIES, IDEAS, ITEMS AND CHARACTERS! ALL RIGHTS GO TO KIERA CASS!


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Maxon chose Kriss. America returned to Carolina to find herself in a life altering situation: carrying the prince's baby. Will she have to return to Angeles? Will she keep the baby? Will she even tell Maxon? All rights to Kiera Cass and the Selection Series.


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"...Don't you get it? I don't want to be your friend, I want be your one and only..." While one seeks to rebuild a fallen friendship the others looking to build something more intimate then just friendship. These two souls were made destined to be together yet it feels like the universe itself is trying to put an end to there love story. Too many obstacles and too many paths that all lead to nothing but tragedy yet these two souls try desperately to overcome it all. Can these two destined souls survive the obstacles that stand in there path to a happily ever after or will they let it all crumble in a bitter sweet farewell? All this and more in; Without You.


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A story of a girl who fell in love with a human and would do anything to protect her, even if it costs her whole life.


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What if the rebels didn't attack? What if Maxon chose Kriss? Will he marry Kriss? And will America get her happily ever after? Find out here in Maxons mistake. I don't usually write but hopefully this will end up good.


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Completed: What if America didn't find out about her father passing until the morning? What if Maxon didn't hear that crash in the hallway the night before the choosing? What if the rebel attack never happened and Maxon made a mistake? Maxon Chooses Kriss, America goes home heartbroken. America becomes a famous singer and is going on tour soon, while dealing with her heartbreak. Will Maxon see his mistake? Is their love strong enough to bring them together? What you need to know: Queen Amberly and King Clarkson are both alive. Celeste is also Alive. This will have multiple Pov's. This story will have mature content at times. The castes still exist. It has modern technology. Any songs that are America's are original in this world, but I will put the real song name and writer at the top of the chapter. First story so please no hate, constructive criticism. :)


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"Ayuko ng ma-attach sa isang tao dahil sigurado akong iiwan din nila ako kapag dumating ang panahon watching them as they leave me just breaks my heart into pieces" 'Love in the moonlight'


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Maxon and America's lives will play out very differently considering that the King and Queen are still alive. Does King Clarkson still hate America? Will Maxon and America have a happily ever after? This is a Selection fanfiction taking place after "The One".