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He who rescued me ( Jelsa )

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When I was little I met a boy who was 15 years older than me. He was new in Arendelle since he just moved there to work. No one knew much about him. Many knew just his age and name.

One day I met him. He told me his name personally and that was the last time I saw him. He saved me and I am sorry, Jack Overland. I was just a helpless child.

Who was he and who am I? Read our story.

~ Elsa ~
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You are (Y/N), whose origins are next to unknown as you are found by the head servant of the Arrendelle Monarch on the outskirts of their kingdom... in the most magical circumstance. And now you are raised to become a page for the Arrendelle's first heir, Princess Elsa of Arrendelle. This story will follow the plot of Frozen, albeit with slight changes. (Frozen belongs to Disney.) Includes stories from: Frozen 1 Olaf's Frozen Adventure Frozen Fever Frozen 2


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Jack Frost, the one that no one could see, has been reassigned to protect Queen Elsa from harm. But can Jack keep his feelings at bay for the Queen when the time comes to protect the heart that he holds dearest?


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Two people do not know anything about love became best friend. Jack frost a popular guy and elsa a popular girl. What if one of them fall inlove? "My heart is beating like crazy" "What did you do to me?" "what do you have that they do not?" with these questions in mind. What would you do? "I love you" Read and enjoy โค๏ธ A/N i love Jelsa!! The book 2 title is - Always you |Loving you sequel|


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You've probably heard the classic phrase, "When you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true." What you didn't expect is for one night to take a shot at that and it to actually work. Next thing you know, you're in a new "job" with a new home and a lot of Disney ladies (and some Marvel too) locking eyes with you. Feel up to see what it's like? Just a heads up: not all fun times and sunshine. Cover is mashup of art with credit to @felice.xu on Instagram


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Elsa.. Is currently a villager but, she was a secret princess.. Kidnapped when she was still a kid She is currently living in Frost Kingdom with her 'Fake Family' But What will Ever happens when Prince Jackson or so called Jack took a stroll in thr park and spotted the Platinum Blonde Haired Girl, And found out she was abused? Will true love ever exist?


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The earth has always been considered alive, an ancient being with endless wisdom and patience. Ancient civilizations imagined the planet as a woman, a goddess having a bond with the very same earth around them. And they were right. Gaia has been a spirit of nature for thousands of years, some considering her to be the very first spirit. Unlike the big 4, she has no need of believers; just the ground beneath her. It's the early of the 21st century when she starts getting visits by a dark spirits long forgotten. With plans of chaos in his dark mind, she is quick to approach the Guardians only to find herself tangled into their war. Will the new Guardian known as Jack Frost offer her some comfort? Or will Pitch Black manage to bring her to his side? (In this story, the main pair is Gaia x Jack Frost, but will be one sided psychotic attraction from Pitch across the chapters. An unhealthy obsession towards the OC)


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๐…๐‘๐Ž๐™๐„๐ | โYe a cute little thin', aren't ya? I think ye will be mine now...โž โ†โ…โ„โ†โ… ส™แดส€ษด แดา“ แด„แดสŸแด… แด€ษดแด… แดกษชษดแด›แด‡ส€ แด€ษชส€ แด€ษดแด… แดแดแดœษดแด›แด€ษชษด ส€แด€ษชษด แด„แดแดส™ษชษดษชษดษข, แด›สœษชs ษชแด„ส า“แดส€แด„แด‡ ส™แดแด›สœ า“แดแดœสŸ แด€ษดแด… า“แด€ษชส€ สœแด€s แด€ า“ส€แดแดขแด‡ษด สœแด‡แด€ส€แด› แดกแดส€แด›สœ แดษชษดษชษดษข. โ†โ…โ„โ†โ… ใ€ harry hook x female!oc ใ€‘ ใ€ descendants 2 & beyond ใ€‘ ใ€ slow burn ใ€‘ ใ€ cover made by @plutoqissed ใ€‘