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I ship hannie all the way

anyways its about Hayden and Annie

Hayden and Annie where just kids when they fell in love

Hayden and Annie are seeing each other more often

will they be together or will it be another childhood crush
May be you like?


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the bad boy and good girl stereotypical duo. that is.. 𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘭, 𝘄𝗮𝘀 us. but coming on this show, i'm going to change that. soon. i spread my wings, i owe it all to you. (total drama island x fem!reader ff) ( 𝙐𝙉𝙀𝘿𝙄𝙏𝙀𝘿 ) lowercase intended. some events are distorted for the main character's perspective and will mostly be set in only her perspective. also, possible added content or scenes that might not align with the canon of the show. episodes are drawn out and a lot of "behind the scenes" to showcase characters' relationships off-camera.


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In the 10,000 year war going on throughout the universe, there are too many who despise Zarkon's rule. But none will act on their hate, too scared of the consequences. The biggest rebelling force against the Galra to date are the Olympians. And their leader is 17-year-old Trip. "Sometimes there is no next time. Sometimes it just ends." WARNING: Graphic violence, blood, and gore.


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Highest rank #10 in fanfiction. Talia, Elena's younger half-sister, is the daughter of Alaric and Isobel who had to abandon her to protect her from the supernatural, just before Isobel turned. Raised in England by her grandparents and then an abusive adoptive family, Talia seeks out her father and strives to find the truth. Settling into Mystic Falls, she catches the eye of a certain Hybrid. To make matters worse, she finds out that she's destined to be the world's strongest witch, whose sole purpose is to destroy the supernatural world. What will happen to her and the life she craves? Travel with Talia through the journey of her life as she tries to find out her identity. Facing heartbreak and rejection at almost every corner, will she be saved by her new family, supernatural friends and her ultimate love? Love will either save her or destroy her. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © The only characters I own are Talia, Katie, Liam, the Robinsons, Mr. Goodman and a few more that I will add later on in the story. TVD OWNS OTHER CHARACTERS.


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Main Characters Annie LeBlanc ❤ Hayden Summerall 😁 Mackenzie Ziegler 😍 Brennan Donnelly 😜 Johnny Orlando 😳 Hashtags #hannie #kayden #brannie #kaydenisreal #hannieisrising #jenzie #jannie #brannieisreal #annieLeBlanc #mackenziezigler #haydensummerall


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Bratayley is going on a cruise to celebrate Mrs. Katie's birthday. Little did Annie know she will meet and get close with a load of new people.


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𓆉hope you enjoy♡


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The boy next door- Annie and Hayley move to LA, they meet there next door neighbors. what will happen? lots of drama that's for sure.


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Different stories of Dazai and Chuuya . Each chapter is independant from the others unless i mention it .


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Chris McLean, a sadistic, teenager-hating man hosts a reality show at a summer camp which resides on an Hawaiian island, called Camp Wawanakwa. 22 contestants go through horrendous challenges for the prize of 1 million dollars. Will our protagonist find love, claim the money or achieve both feats? Ps: Expect a lot of twists. Example: Lindsay won't be an airhead, Tyler won't be clumsy and Eva will actually try to control her temper. Also, you replace Justin.