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Author: Diiaaa_suga

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 04-12-2022

Status: Writing

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emeto but make it Haikyuu

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 80.5k reads!!

~I post weekly give or take a few days~

~I write fluffy stuff, no major character death or severe illnesses/diseases~

Chapters range from 1200 - 4000 words


TW: MENTIONS OF PANIC ATTACKS (only in a few chapters)

- I sometimes write Hurtfics

- this book is about the haikyuu characters and how I think they would act if they were sick/hurt

- includes boy x boy if you do not like that don't read

- please leave suggestions on what ships you want me to write about/what you want to read

- do not copy/repost

- first 25 chapters are written in first person (Too much stress - BokuAka) is the first third person POV, the rest after are also third person unless I update earlier chapters


- no illegal ships included

- no smut included

- I don't own any fan art shown in this book

- some ideas are based off of other fanfics

- full credits to the people who made the fan art shown

- I do not own the Haikyuu characters

- this is not how the Haikyuu characters act it's just how I portray them

started - 14/04/2021
finished - ????

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List chapter

Sick at school - TsukkiYama

No practice? - KuroKen

Please help - BokuAka

So no jog? - KageHina

Fainting - DaiSuga

Car rides - AsaNoya

Stupid sushi - OsaSuna

Too much McDonalds - IwaOi

You're okay - SakuAtsu

Want some chocolate? - KiyoYach

Too sick to play - KageHina

4am sickness - TsukkiYama

Migraines - KyouHaba

Too much vball - IwaOi

Tumbly tummy - KuroKen

Late night hiccups - BokuAka

Want some soup? - DaiSuga

One more receive - AsaNoya

Nerves - TsukkiYama

Go check on him - KyouHaba

I'm fine - DaiSuga

You're sick - KuroTsuki

Concussion - TsukiKage

Food poisoning - BokuAkaKuroKen

You good? - OsaSuna

Too much stress - BokuAka

Sick days - BokuAkaKuroKen

Out of it - KageHina

Motion sick Iwa-chan - IwaOi

Sick call - LevYaku

Yer stupid Samu - OsaSuna

wah? I'm not sick - BokuAkaKuroKen

Good senpai - Goshiki + Semi

Too many sickies - BokuAkaKuroKen

What happened? - BokuAka

Celiac disease - KuroAka

Stubborn - TsukkiYamaKageHina

Sick at school - DaiSuga

Sick and anxious - SakuAtsu

Too many sickies pt 2 -BokuAkaKuroKen

Sick and alone - LevYaku

Screw work - AsaNoya

Carsick - BokuAka

Dizzy & Emetophobic - SakuAtsuIwaOi

Food poisoning - BokuAkaKuroKen

Indigestion - UshiTen

Common cold - KiyoYach

Sick, not weak - AoFuta

Bad caretaker - KageHina

Sick at practice - KageHina

Food poisoning - KuroKen

Taking turns - TsukkiYama

Sick Bokuto - BokuAkaKuroKen

Bad cough - OsaSuna

Cold chronicles - TsukkiYamaKageHina

Hinata to the rescue - TsukkiYamaKageHina

Away from home - IwaDai

Steamy - IwaOi

Brotherly love - OsaAtsu (not ship)

Movie night gone wrong - DaiSuga

Soft & sick Tsukki - TsukkiYama

Overworking - OsaSuna

Overworked - BokuAkaKuroKen

Too much - KyouHaba

5am Kenma - BokuAkaKuroKen

Practice sickness - TsukkiYamaKageHina

Fever - SemiShira