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Haikyuu(Animatronic AU)

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The only person who is gonna be an Animatronic is Hinata. Hinata is apart of the Afton Family. Cause why not.
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Hinata shouyou ball of sunshine one day he left his school not giving his team any reason.. What will happen? Where will he go? Will his team find him? Read to find out~ βœ—the story have more things than the discription but I didn't know what to write..βœ— βš οΈβ—WARNING ❗ ⚠️ this story contains: - SELF HARM - ABUSING - R*PE - BAD LANGUAGE - bxb - BAD GRAMMAR YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ❗ ❗None of the pics that I use belongs to me! All credits goes to the right owners of the pics!! ❗


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This is a ✨Hinata harem✨ So basically hinata is dating the Karasuno third years and he never met the volleyball teams and a TrainingCamp was coming up for the Karasuno Volleyball team with the other teams and some teams from America hinata is one of the Volleyball captains/Coaches from America and his team is called the "Tech Beetles" but on the court there called the venomous beetles, and when the training camp comes to life all the Volleyball teams fall for the ball of sunshine *Ps. Hinata also have little space and since he live in America he always have to face time his boyfriends to keep everything updated with them*


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All Haikyuu!! Teams are in a Mafia. Hinata Shoyo and Hinata Natsu are the adopted kids of Ukai and Takeda, who are in a Mafia. He has a Cafe shop called SUN RAY'S PLACE How will the story between these Mafias and sunshine unfold β˜€οΈ? ⚠️EXPLICIT SCENES⚠️ ⚠️STRONG LANGUAGE⚠️ Photo artist is @sasa__0901 on Twitter.


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Just a bunch of Shouyou one-shots I write when I'm bored. :3 I love this tangerine so much, like, I can't even begin to explain how much he means to me. If anything happened to him, I'd kill everyone in this room, and then myself πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸŠ


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Hinata Shoyo. A first year in Karasuno High. An athlete, who's passion is in volleyball. Not only is this orange head straight up gorgeous, making everyone around him look like sacks of potatoes compared to him. Everyone loves him, everyone worships him, everyone just can't get enough of him, and Hinata knows it. Born with beauty as well as brains, everyone can't help but fall in love with him. Including the other volleyball teams from different schools, they just can't seem to leave him alone! But what happens when their crush isn't just all looks? Follow Hinata Shoyo, as he tries to live a peaceful life by overcoming obstacles from his past and present! WARNING: This book was started back when I was in middle school, so please forgive me for the cringe in the beginning and bad writing! Yes this is a warning lol, just trying to save y'all.


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(Under Editing) The title basically explains what the books contents are. I'll be doing CharacterxCharacter and CharacterxReader. I'll take requests if anybody asks for something. I haven't written for this book in literal years but MAYBE... JUST MAYBE... If you leave a request I might write it


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Adele knows she witnessed a murder - what she doesn't know is just how personal it is. ***** A girl was brutally murdered in the basement of a sorority house in spring 2011. Adele Theroux thinks she saw the killer - and the killer definitely saw her. What she doesn't know is why this all happened and who this guy is. As she tries to solve the mystery from a distance while in witness protection, the connections keep getting weirder and more personal. Might she be able to relate to the killer in a way that no one else can? And what does that mean about her own psyche? *2019 Watty Award for Mystery/Thriller* [[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]] Cover designed by April Alforque


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Hinata discovers that he is the only Omega, not only that, but also the only Omega in the entire training camp, well, entire league. "Oi! You idiot, stop running around!" "You make me tired already shrimp!" "Chibi-chan ~ do you love me? If you love me, let's make an engagement paper together!" "Shoyo ... I love you β™‘."


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A certain Fox Spirit has a job. And his job is purifying evil spirits and guiding lost spirits to where they belong. Now what will he do if the human and spirit realm began to crack? He of course will try and fix it with the help of his harem! >β™‘< (Cover made by meh owo~) Original AU I think- (What a crappy description 😣 Yesh, another Hinata Harem-- JUST DEAL WITH IT CUZ ALL MEH BOOKS ARE HAREMS!-) and just so y'all know! This is all made up okiee?? Everything that I mentioned here is not related to real life stuff, it's just only imaginations from meh head