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Read story Guardians of Alola

Author: AlexisCrow4

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 12-11-2019

Status: Full

156 likes / 5939 reads

Jasmine is twelve year old girl living in the beautiful Alola region who has recently lost her mother, and her father is horribly depressed, neglecting Jasmine due to grief. Suddenly, all is changed when Lusamine, president of a scientific organization called Aether Paradise, attempts to conquer Alola with her powerful Ultra Beasts. Jasmine is revealed to be the Chosen One who must befriend the four Legendary Guardians, who have protected the islands for centuries, to stop Lusamine from conquering the world. I do not own these characters, almost all characters belong to Nintendo, The PokΓ©mon Company and Game Freak. Cover art made by Nekkomala.

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