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Life is strange fan art starring Warren Graham's un-official stalker, Nathan Prescott. Even powerful people can't control who they fall in love with.

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Life is Strange grahamscott fanfiction. Warning, includes: strong language, violence, boy x boy, gay stuff, smut, etc


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You are a part of the story. Trigger warning. I own none of the characters/art. On hiatus.


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Basically... Warren Graham is the science Nerd of Blackwell and has a high hatred for the vortex club, expect for one member. Nathan Prescott. Nathan Prescott was a spoilt rich kid but has problems up in his head, he recorded Kate Marsh's video and was the one who drugged Chloe Price. But when our beloved Maxine dives into an old picture and fixes it so William Price doesn't die, Warren Graham and Nathan Prescott are put farther apart. But when a butterfly flaps it's wings something else happens, something that pulls them closer. That is...The butterfly effect Achievements: #1 in Grahamscott (15 May 2018)


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Cover art: By me Everyone has to die one day. Nathan feels like he already has.


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I never believed the whole "opposite's attract" thing until I met her. WARNING: stories contain talks of alcohol and substance use, sex and is rated for mature audiences. 18+. Only read if you are comfortable with these themes *unedited *cover art isn't mine. Link to original:


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Ever wanted to feel like your in a story with your favourite girl but you're also a girl? Well now you can with this book! Author Note - No proof reads, we die like Ethan Winter's hands from Resident Evil - T.Baker


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On Monday, Warren had awoke from a strange dream all about him falling in love with his long term crush after a massive adventure with Max Caufield, Chloe Price, Kate Marsh and Victoria Chase. Little did he know, Nathan had awoken from the same dream and the way it made his heart hurt made Nathan want to ask a certain someone a really big question. "Can you teach me how to love?" {[This is a sequel]}