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Read story Good Girl VS The Player

Author: taylor103095

Category: Teen Fiction

Update: 01-01-2014

Status: Full

3321 likes / 87146 reads

Kassie Maree, your typical teenage highschool student, well if you call being Cheer Captain, and the Volleyball and Soccer star normal. Kass is your basic Good girl, plays by the rules, 4.0 student, and a complete angel child.

Blake Stevens, high school football start. But also the school Player. Him and his friend are the school heartthrobs and heartbreakers of the school campus. They bet money on which one can get the girl of the bet, which most of the time leaves the girl heartbroken seeing how they dump them afterwards.

So what happens when Kassie becomes a victim to their game, will she be able to avoid it thanks to Jesse, or will she be like all the girls who think they can change Mr. Player.

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