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Gone Too Soon: A Legend's Unexpected Farewell

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This is the story of how Kobe Bryant made an impact in my life and on how he inspired me in life because of his Mamba Mentality.

This is my tribute to the one and only Black Mamba.

I would like to dedicate this story to all the Kobe fans and basketball fans all over the world.
May be you like?


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a fan made short story of Kobe Bryant's & Gianna "GiGi" Bryant's last days.


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24 year old Annie Winter was born in Leuven Belgium but Moved to Los Angeles when she was Five years old. But one day she runs in to Kobe Bryant which then they keep running in to each other and Kobe then wants to get to know her better. Will they end up together? (by the way Kobe is not retired in this story.) R.I.P. Kobe and Gianna Bryant this story is dedicated to them


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Atlas Grove, once a dancer with dreams of dancing under the stars, now lives petrified in the shadows of abuse. To escape her living nightmare she must keep her head down and work hard, being her senior year this is her last chance to get out. Although things don't always go to plan as she comes to lean when the brooding Blaze Beckett storms into her life, bringing more mystery and turmoil than she wished for. Blaze Beckett is the most popular guy at East Meadow High, but no one really knows who he is. The school's star Quarterback is also the school's star mystery, left marked by his past his obnoxiousness walks the halls with dominating power. Underneath the hard demeanour lies a world of pain, constantly looking over his shoulder waiting for his past to catch up and tear everything from him. Fights and Football are his thing. Bruises and Ballet are hers. When the polar opposites are paired together on a wellbeing project, could they find they have more in common than they think? Both conceal emotions that are only freed when on the field or standing at the barre but when they start bringing each other's shadows to the surface, will it be too much to balance? *Contains mature language and themes some may find distressing


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This is just a little story i made about him. Β·He inspired my dad to play basketball and now my dad is very upset and frustrated. But God made his ways you know, people die everyday. And you never know, you might die one day. Trust in Jesus Christ! The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit! Yes, there is bad things going on in the world, but all we need to focus on is our life, and trust Jesus that He will provide your needs! Okie lets get on with the story


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Ethan Knight is living his life just as he imagined it. Being the captain of the basketball team, he has to make sure they win this year's championship, which will further solidify his chances of being drafted, his dream for as long as he can remember. With his senior year beginning, he plans to do exactly what he has done for the last few years; avoid all the distractions. But what happens when a distraction he might actually like, comes along? Iris Reed is a simple person who had very complicated parents growing up. Starting college at Willow Creek, she finally felt like her life was falling into place. With her childhood best friend by her side and an amazing roommate to share the space with, all she had to do was stay away from all the drama that college ensures. How difficult could that be? Completed. Thank you so much @-brendac for this amazing cover.


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Eighteen years is a long time. But for Oli and Luna that time passes in the blink of an eye. Since the moment they met, nothing could have separated the two of them. At 8 and 13, they were an unusual pair of best friends. But they didn't care for anyone else's opinions. Oli was content to listen to Luna's endless ramblings while Luna was content to look up to Oli, following him everywhere he went. But eighteen years passes quickly when distance separates the pair. First college, then work - life gets in the way. But eventually Oli and Luna find their way back to each other, the two of them moving back to their hometown eighteen years after they first met. Things are different this time around. Oli's professional basketball career has been and gone, while Luna's a young, up and coming lawyer. He's not the young teen he used to be and she's not the little girl he once knew. These two are thrown back together time and time again by fate. Perhaps this time, the timing is right for something more than just friends. Maybe they were meant to be All Along. ~ Best Rankings #1 in allalong #1 in always #1 in present #2 in harvard #5 in distance #12 in past #12 in longdistance #14 in forever #15 in basketball #22 in future #25 in sportsromance #27 in friendstolovers #29 in time #44 in slowburn #54 in kids #63 in sports


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"The Underground Fighter and His Kitten" ❦ Sasha "Kayo" Sokolov is a Russian fighter who was sent to America at a young age. One day, he met a young girl by the name of Everleigh Wilson, who taught him how to speak English, and helped him with his studies. They bonded so easily and became the best of friends. Years passed, and Sasha disappeared. Everleigh had to go on with life without her best friend. Until one lonely night when she saw the one man she loved more than anything beating another man to death. - "What happened to the boy I used to know?" she questioned, shutting her eyes at the feel of his hand traveling up her dress. He was so close to her throbbing core, and she hated how much she wanted him to touch her, enter her, ruin her. Sasha smirked sadistically. "He's gone, kitten. And he's never coming back." ❦ ππ–π–πŒ, 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐀, 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞.


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Christian Knight, a billionaire, and the President of Knight Inc. is the heartthrob and the hottest eligible bachelor of London. With a body like a Greek god and sharp features, he can make any girl fall for his charms, but he is forced by his grandfather to marry an Indian girl in order to acquire the CEO position. Mishka Ranawat, a beautiful yet modest girl from India. She can capture anyone's heart with her innocent eyes and cute dimples. She is a hard-working girl living her life on her own terms. But what forced her to marry a complete stranger? *** "I want you to sign these papers." Christian said in his deep domineering voice, and forwarded the file in Mishka's direction. "What is this?" She asked while picking the file. "Read and then I'll explain everything," Christian replied and as soon as Mishka opened the file, she paled reading the bold letters. "CONTRACT MARRIAGE" Will she sign the papers or her single masterstroke is going to change everything forever? What will happen when their entirely different world will collide? Will these two distinct personalities find their happily ever after with each other?