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Read story Gone: Baby Daddy Fanfiction

Author: kings213

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 09-06-2021

Status: Full

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Ben loses Riley. He finds out that the love of his life is in love with his brother. Ben can't bare the pain. Late one night, he packs up his stuff and leaves with Emma. By the time Emma is 13 she is a very talented and famous pop star who goes by the stage name Em. She may be famous but she still goes to a regular public school with regular student. She tries to be a normal girl as much as she possibly can. Riley and Danny's relationship was over. Once Ben was gone she realized it was Ben she loved the whole time. What happens when Emma's school takes a field trip to Manhattan? What happens when Riley hears one of Emma's songs on the radio. What happens when Ben has to return to Manhattan when Emma has an accident? What happens when Danny also ends up in the hospital on the same night? What happens when Bonnie is working the hospital shift. Will the Wheelers reunite or will they continue to stay their separate ways?

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